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  1. 40K Supplements
    Now I'm a cheap guy and i have a crappy job so I'm short on cash. I do have a large army but I'm always looking for ways to save cash. is there any things i can use to make war engines? I'm chaos and i wonder if theres anyways to home make things i can use or convert to use in my table top army.
  2. General Hobby Discussion
    My friend and I have decided to create a tabletop game of our own called Genesis, just for kicks. we have created an introductory paragraph thus far. We will be posting further updates soon as we create further background information, factions, rules, etc. Please leave any opinions, suggestions...
  3. Hobby Forums
    I saw this on the web. ZUZZY Miniatures - The Despoiled Reaches - Terra-Flex Sulfur Fields Gaming Mat They make 3 different types of mats. the mat is latex and has a 3D surface. Has anyone every used one? I searched the forums for zuzzy and didnt find much. I bought the 1.50 6inch by 3 inch...
1-3 of 3 Results