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  1. Projects
    [Tale of Painters] trautz CSM / latest news: 14.02.10 -------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS [Aug.13th.2009] Started this Thread [Aug.18th.2009] Ordered at GW-onlineshop a few things (greenstuff,melter,CSM,brush..) [Aug.27th.2009] Uploaded first month work...
  2. Chaos Army Lists
    Ok, I have been agonising over this for a while. I think it is time to let the lions have a look! Here we go. 8 Havocs @ 190 Pts Heavy Bolter (x4); Chaos Glory 8 Havocs @ 185 Pts Flamer (x4); Chaos Glory; Rhino 1 Predator @ 75 Pts Autocannon; Dirge Caster 8 Raptors @ 190 Pts Flamer (x2)...
  3. Projects
    Hi! I'm Kate :D I'll continue to update this blog with my ToP army, and use this post to link any photos I take. Here's a current image of my army to date: April/May 2008 Guardians & Rangers April 21st May 14th Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. It will help me stay motivated!
  4. Projects
    Hey everyone! So, I've signed up for the craziness that is committing to painting "X" points worth of models a month. :D Let's see how this goes. The army I'm committing are my Trollbloods from the Hordes game from Privateer press. I have built most of my army already, but sadly, after nearly...
1-4 of 4 Results