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  1. General Hobby Discussion
    Ahoy there! 40,000 Pirates be me new blog, where we be offerin' some o' the best printable wargaming proxies of all the seven seas! We got proxies for nine differ'nt races, perfect for landlubbers who ain't got the loot for wargaming or faint 'earted vet'rans 'oo don't wish to see their...
  2. Art and Literature
    Hi there. I've just recently thought of creating a Warhammer 40k themed template for blogger, and I was wondering how to create that faded paint effect like those on Space marines and dreadnought armour. Can anyone help me on this? I don't know whether this is the correct topic to post in this...
  3. Rules Development
    Alright so I had a question on cover saves and I. If you use a template weapon on a troop in cover, they lose their cover save. If you use a grenade in the Assault phase with a troop in cover they lose their effective strike first rule. Play test this, if you use a template weapon (Not blast...
1-3 of 3 Results