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third eye of tzeentch

  1. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Hello Fellow Generals! I've been playing 2v2 allied games recently, which are great fun! Last week it was Skaven+WoC vs. Dark_Elves+Goblins. We lost badly, even though I still had an ass-kicking 13-warrior unit with Festus/Rage/halberds/MoN and T5 on the last turn. My ally had some terrible...
  2. AoS Rules Help
    I don't have or know the Tomb Kings, so I'm not sure if there's any clarification in their book, but if I use the 3rd Eye of Tzeentch on a Liche Priest can I then use any of the three incantations that don't heal? Magic Missile, Movement and bonus Attack? Or are they a no-go? Hmmm. Thanks folks.