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tomb king
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  1. Tomb Kings
    So... If you were a part of TK, what would you be? Please, explain why you voted as you did :) It must not be a serious reason, just ONE or more reasons... --------------------------- I would be a Liche High Priest: I am very gifted with intelligence and wisdom, but easy to break...
  2. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    Hai :) Time to make a new list, and this time it will be a funny one :P Tomb King [Rajj-Rutta-Rej] Armour of the Ages Blade of Setep Vambraces of the Sun Tomb King [Rej-Rajja-Rutt] Destroyer of Eternities Collar of Shapesh Liche Priest [LarivlE] Cloak of the Dunes Liche Priest [HvatsuG]...
  3. AoS Army Fluff
    There once was a great Pharaoh in the land of Khemri. Like all great leaders he was beloved by his people and for his reign there was prosperity and great victory for the lands, however, like all mortals he was doomed to die at some stage. The Pharaoh had a chief Liche Priest named Impotehp, who...
1-3 of 3 Results