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  1. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    Basically, so far I have bought 1x necrospinx box set, 2x warriors box set, 1x battalion, 1x tomb king, 1x necrotecht, 1x casket of souls, 1x liche priest. I have never played tomb kings before nor have I ever played against a tomb king player, I usually play skaven/orcs & gobbos which is why...
  2. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    I am going to play a high elf player this week and some of my models are at my friends house who is on vacation so I am using what I have:\. I think it should work pretty well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. LHP: Heiro Cloak of Dunes Plaques Golden Ankhra TP: put in skellies...
  3. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    My first TK army list, how's it look? Any tips? Pro/cons e.t.c. LORD # Tomb King w. Great Weapon ¤ Golden Ankhra HERO # Lich Priest ¤ Dispel Scroll # Lich Priest (Hierophant) ¤ Cloak of the Dunes # Lich Priest on Skeleton Steed CORE # 2 Tomb Swarms # 3 Chariots # 3 Chariots SPECIAL #...
1-3 of 3 Results