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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    hi, my mate mark dragon, is tryinmg to make a competive army list out of the bits he as got in his army so i am going trying to help him on here. there the bit he as got. HQ Space Marine Captain w/combiweapon and power weapon Space Marine Captain w/storm bolter and power weapon in Terminator...
  2. Orc and Goblin Army Lists
    :party:hi everyone heres my list for an up comming tournement need some suggestions and tips thank u for the help! :party: Lord Skarsnik 8 peaks-205 pts Heros Goblin BsB (Smik Smok Da Astronomer) light armor Bad moon on a stick-112 pts Black Orc Big Boss (Pork Da Heavy Crusha) heavy armor...
1-2 of 2 Results