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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey hey guys am in need of advice once again I'm up against necrons and h has a damn deceiver and monolith so help needed HQ Hive Tyrant Lash whip and bone sword Heavy venom cannon Acid blood Hive commander Old adversary Leech essence Paroxysm Thorax swarm larvae Tyrant guard x2 Scything...
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Up against space dwarves with space wolves rules need speedy reply ASAP Hive tyrant* Lash whip and bone sword Heavy venom Old adversary* Acid blood Leech essence Paroxysm Armoured shell Warriors *3 Toxin sacs Scything talons Deathspitter* Termagant *11 Flesh borers Termagants *15...
  3. Xenos Forces
    Tyranids. *1500 HQ. Hive Tyrant W/ Heavy Venom Cannon W/ Parixysm W/ Psychic Scream W/ Acid Blood W/ Adrenal Glands W/ Old Adversary 245 * Points Tyrant Guard brood 3 180 ElLITES Zoanthrope Brood 3 180 points TROOPS Termagant Brood 14 W/Flesh Borers 70 Points Termagant Brood 10...
  4. Xenos Forces
    Just a quick question. I was wondering if people thought that warp field or extended carapace was better on a hive tyrant. It seems to me that the extra 10 points is kind of wasted and would be better spent on another biomorph or somesuch thing. What do you all think? EDIT: Ignore this thread...
  5. Xenos Forces
    With the new rules for allocating wounds from shooting, what happens to a Hive tyrant with tyrant guard? If they suffer enough wounds, do some go ont the tyrant? Just wondering since the whole point of the 'guard' is to stop the tyrant form getting shot. Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results