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  1. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Out of masochism or a desire for challenge, I am taking my wood elves to a tourny. heres what I am planning to take. I was wondering what you more experienced/successful wood elf players may think. Lords 420 - runs around casting/point denial. 3+ ward until it fails is pretty good...
  2. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Hi folks, I currently have about 1k of Wood Elves and I'm trying to decide what I want to get to make my 2k army list. So far I've done well in 500-1000 points games playing all kinds of lists and I haven't really got any particular play style that I prefer. However, I'm really keen to use...
  3. Wood Elf Army Lists
    I wanted to see if I could make a fast, thumping good army in 3000 points. Any comments welcome. Wood Elves- Fast and Furious (3000 pts, Friendly) Orion = XX Accompanied by 7 Wild Riders, Command Group = 218 10 Wild Riders, Command Group = 296 10 Dryads, Branch Nymph = 132...
1-3 of 3 Results