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  1. Warriors of Chaos
    i love the idea of a highly mobile harassing unit especially in engagements where they are expecting you to be the only one who loses models on your slow walk through the rain of shooting phases before close combat starts. it seems (from my brief reading of forum posts) that most people run...
  2. Chaos Army Lists
    So, I have a 2000 point list that is as follows. HQ Daemon Prince (Wings, Warptime, Nurgle) 175 Daemon Prince (Wings, Warptime, Nurgle) 175 Elites Dreadnought (Missle Launcher, CCW+Heavy Flamer) 105 Troops 7x Plague Marines (Champ With Powerfist, 2x Melta, Rhino) 256 7x Plague Marines...
  3. General Announcement
    Tournaments have been upgraded. You can find it here You can now make your own team
  4. 40k Rules Help
    Hey, I was reading a different forum and someone mentioned a post on a different forum giving a good arguement for ICs with a retinue gaining its USRs as they aren't ICs when with a retinue, but upgrade characters. Here's the post (origionally posted on The Tyranid Hive, quote taken from...
1-4 of 4 Results