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  1. Vampire Counts
    Hey there! I am making my first warhammer fantasy army and was wondering if this would be a decent/legal army; 20 crypt ghouls (2 boxes), 5 hex wraiths (one box) and a necromancer? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    Hey there! I am new to vampire counts. I love their look, and love the idea of regenerating my troops (I've heard this is possible, don't quote me if I'm wrong!). I would like to make a zombie based army, and since this is a fairly small army, I would like to keep it cheap. So maybe like like...
  3. Vampire Counts
    Lords Krokt Von Trale (455 points) +1 magic level avatar of death forbidden lore dark acolyte lord of the dead staff of damination crown of the damned flayed hauburk Heros Vampire Zagstrike (200 points) avatar of death dark acolyte dispell scroll enchanted shield talisman of the lycni Vampire...
1-3 of 3 Results