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    Chaplain w/ Meltabombs + CombiMelta 120 10man Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Lascannon, Powerfist + Meltabombs w/ Rhino + EA 265 10man Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Lascannon, Powerfist + Meltabombs w/ Razorback + EA 270 10man Devestator Squad w/ 3x Plasma Cannons + Multimelta 260 2x Predator w/...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    Hey all. Looking for some input on the list I am looking at running for a while. I guess as much as anything else I would like to know if you guys think it would be fun to play *against* as well as play with. Thanks in advance for your criticisms and input. -TZ 1500 pt Codex Space Marine...
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    1000pts Competitive List, built to face all-comers. Background: I have yet to play a real game of wh40k, outside of a demonstration game or two at my local store, however I have been writing/considering lists for what seems like an eternity whilst slowly assembling(read painting :/) my army...
  4. Imperial Army Lists
    As the title says, this is the first SM army I've ever built. I've never played the game before, and this is my idea of an army that is well-balanced and I can get a feel for the game with. That said, because it's my first army, there's probably a lot of things that need to be fixed. Here...
  5. Imperial Army Lists
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  6. Imperial Army Lists
    So here's my second attempt at a fluffy list. Full 10 man squads except for scouts, a brother captain commanding his troops. Some of the weapon choices are influenced by what sprues I have access to. Comments and criticisms please. HQ: Master w/ 9x Command Squad Master: Terminator Honors...
1-6 of 6 Results