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  1. Vampire Counts
    1995/2000 -Lords- Vampire Lord (340) -Vampiric Powers- Dread knight Red Fury -Magic Equipment- Blood Drinker Nightshroud -Heroes- Vampire (278) Battle Standard Bearer The Drakenhof Banner Avatar of Death Nightmare Vampire (160) Dark Acolyte Lord...
  2. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    Vampire Biting blade Black periapt Wristbands of black gold Dread knight Infinite hatred Necromancer Sword of battle Necromancer Rod of flaming death Skeletons (x20) hand weapon shield full command Crypt ghouls (x10) Dire wolves (x5) Dire wolves (x5) Grave guard (x20) Banner of the dead...
1-2 of 2 Results