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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    Speed Metal This list is a completely new list for me, I wrote it a few days ago just to use something not foot-slog Death Guard for a change against a vanilla marine army with some light tanks. I do think it's about time I did something different so yes, speedy tank-death not walkey...
  2. 40k Rules Help
    is it possible to "re-roll to wound" a vehicle?
  3. Xenos Army Lists
    HQ Warboss power klaw attack squig cybork body 115 Troops Nobz (4) cybork body bosspole waaagh! banner Painboy cybork body Trukk grot riggers red paint job reinforced ram 225 Big Mek KFF Nob power...
  4. Hobby Forums
    Finished Now! it taked 11 hours with build and paint^^ Devilfish Tau I hope you like it ^^ It's for my Nippon Tau Army, see my firewarrior topic ^^ tnx
  5. Rules Development
    :? I got to thinking a bit ago. Whenever I roll out my Necrons I feel it's a shame they only have one vehicle (I know vehicles aren't that great from a gameplay standpoint, but I just like them for the visual aesthetic.) A regular "tank" tank doesn't make much sense for the necrons, but here's...
1-5 of 5 Results