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  1. Vampire Counts
    Hey there! I am making my first warhammer fantasy army and was wondering if this would be a decent/legal army; 20 crypt ghouls (2 boxes), 5 hex wraiths (one box) and a necromancer? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. LoBay
    Models are all glued and perfectly align in formation. Half of the Army is painted. Goblins(not night goblins) and some Black Orcs are painted with a special painting technique, shown in, which makes the blood on swords and/or armor have a 3dimensional flesh look. Very nice...
  3. LoBay
    I have been painting miniatures all my life, Love doing it, love new challenges and most of all I love it when I paint things for people and they love it ! So I figured I would try commission painting ! I will do anything people want, Am not limited to a certain game/ style or painting. Will...
  4. AoS Army Fluff
    A new Fimir Army book has just been released; from the Meargh Witch-queen and her Demonfriend Dirach wizards to the lowly Shearl thralls it's a top quality production. (75 meg pdf, 110 pages and completely free! - please let us know what you think). Fimir WFB Army Book Review Fimir Army...
1-4 of 4 Results