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  1. Empire Army Lists
    There are two things i like about warhammer: theme/fluff and winning. I would like to start a war band which roams the north east of the realm to protect from chaos, storywise. But i would also like to not make an *blieb* of myself on a tournament. So two restrictions for this army: 1. no...
  2. Empire
    For 1000 points I'm planning on using a Warrior Priest and a BSB. Should I have a wizard for magic defence in a smaller game? Or is the extra dispel dice going to cut it, and use my points elsewhere? What should I be giving the WP? I want him able to take on basic characters in challenges. I...
  3. Empire Army Lists
    I've been playing with the Empire for some time now, but I'm not a very experienced player (I haven't had many battles), so recently I decided to make my first proper army list. This army isn't based on any particular army theme - just an empire army that could work against most opponents and...
1-3 of 3 Results