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  1. 40k Rules Help
    I noticed that when talking about weapons options, people seem to only combine melee weapons with a pistol, rather than with a standard ranged weapon. If I for some reason don't care about the extra attack gained from having both a pistol and my melee weapon, are there any rules which would...
  2. Forces of Chaos
    Ive been looking at the chaos Lord in my list and I not sure how to equip him!! I know I want a Chaos lord on Bike with Mon to go with my other Nurgle Bikers as T6 is nasty on anything, Plus a sigil of corruption to give some survivability against AP3 etc But Im just not sure about weapon load...
  3. 40k Rules Help
    Hi there, I am new to Warhammer 40k, playing the Ultramarnies and have played about 5 battles so far and yet to win one! :P I got a Space Marines Bike Squad for my birthday and I cant find anything in the rules regarding the armament on the bikes. The models have two bolt guns mounted on the...
  4. 40k Rules Help
    so i have commisar yarrik and he has his power claw which reduces the atk initiative to 1 and he has his normal close combat weapon my question is would all his attacks be at initiative 1 and for his attacks would all the dice use the rule for his claw or would he have to seperate one dice out...
  5. Xenos Forces
    hey all, i was just thinking about my 40k armies when an idea dawned on me; can you have two weapons platforms in the same squad? that would be pretty incredible if you could. bring the rain muthaducka!!!:thunder::qq::soldier:
  6. Hobby Forums
    Well i got a new unit of black orcs and instead of painting there choppas and great weps with blood i want to do a rust style. only problem is i really dont know how to do it. if some one could do a good step by step or even just some hints and tips that would be great. thanks
  7. Forces of Imperium
    Hey guys, I want just wondering if a Blood Angels Veteran Sgt Could be equipped with a Combi-flamer, and A power fist at the same time? The Blood Angles Codex doesn't say anything about swapping your gun out... I would like some clarification please.=] Thanks, B-Rad
  8. Forces of Imperium
    Can a regular combat squad use a plasma pistol? I have some extra pieces, and i have some guys missing pieces. Could a five man combat squad use a plasma pistol, or is there some restriction on it? Thank you:act-up:
  9. Xenos Forces
    The Dark Eldar Codex makes mention of the shredder as an anti-vehicle weapon in the Weapons of the Dark Eldar section (p.35 First Edition). "Its dense cloud is also highly effective at finding weak points in a vehicle's armor, but is thankfully short ranged." This feature of the weapon is not...
  10. Forces of Imperium
    Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I recently resolved myself to collecting a new playable army and since the new Marine Codex has just come out, I figure this is as good a time as any to collect a force of the Emperor's finest. I'm aiming to hit the 500 pt milestone using some solid core troops...
  11. Imperial Army Lists
    hi i just starded playing with dark angels...wel actualy sm in general and was wondering what weapons best to use against Tyranids. was thinking of using AC but let me know wat you think. if you guys got any tips on how to build up the best armylist for DA i'll be happy to hear those tips to...
  12. 40k Rules Help
    Hi, If i give a space marine comander a power weapon AND a power fist, what are the general rules for this in combat? Can i choose which to use each turn, do i gain +1 attack for having two weapons? Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results