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  1. Art and Literature
    I've got a decent-size stack of old white dwarf magazines, over a foot high, from about issue 100 onwards. I'm not sure of specific numbers, but they're all in good condition, and I don't want them anymore. Long story short, if you can arrange to meet me somewhere around Manchester (Stockport...
  2. Rumours, News & Previews
    Great sprue pictures for the Chaos Knights and some pictures of the new Spawn and Champions / Sorcerers post on my blog (see signature) I'll be posting a White Dwarf Nov 08 review soon (around GMT 09:00 28th Oct)
  3. Art and Literature
    The White Dwarf edition out on the shelves later this week (April 2008) is probably the best I have read for several years. There's a 26 page battle report for a 25,000 pt (!!!) battle. Also, there are some new rules for Legendary Massive Battles (for battles over 5000 pts per side) and loads...
1-3 of 3 Results