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  1. Forces of Imperium
    So lets all pretend that its WH who are next not the stinky DE... what do you think would be in the batallion boxed set? My guess: 10 plastic sisters (options for flamers or meltas/sprue should contain holic relic/spare icons etc) 1 Immolator 8 Plastic Seraphim (inc sgt and 2x flamer chick) 10...
  2. Xenos Forces
    In light of how old the current Necron Codex is and of what special character terrors have been coming out from the 5th edition Codeceis, I was just thinking how could we change the rules and stats of the C'tan to make them truly nasty in 5th edition? First thing's first, the C'tan unit type...
1-2 of 2 Results