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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    Wanted to use some of my new space wolves in my guard list tell me what you think. Everything is moving forward the only thing holding the line is my one platoon command squad, infantry squads and long fangs pack with the rune priest. I can't really decide if I should keep my grey hunters back...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    I was looking at the allies for the guard last night and wanted to put a force together. However I don't know what I should take. I want some type of space marine army to help with close combat. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    Hello I'm pretty new to 40k and this is my first real list. I would love any advice y'all can give on it, I plan to face mostly SM BA and Eldar so I have taken that into account building this list. Also if someone could tell me if when adding points you add the storm shield and thunder hammer...
  4. Projects
    Huhu, When I'm not working on my new Deldar army I try to get as much painting done as I can on my Luna Wolves. It's kinda been an ongoing project for the last 2 years, but slowly it's turning into a full fledged army! Some pics posted below, hope you like it! The group pic! This will be the...
  5. Imperial Army Lists
    HQ Rune Priest Terminator armor, combi melta Living Lightning/Jaws of the World Wolf Elites Wolf Guard 3x (5x really) Terminator armor 3x combi meltas 1x power fist Drop Pod Wolf Guard 4x (5x really) Terminator armor 4x combi meltas 1x power fist Drop Pod Troops Grey Hunters 5x + Wolf...
  6. Imperial Army Lists
    just started playing wolves. im trying to create an army list that i like and will also be decent to play with in games. ive played for a while but the last time i made an army list waswhen i was pretty young and it sucked. my army consists of: 2 rune priests with runic armour,storm bolter, wof...
1-6 of 6 Results