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  1. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Hi all, im looking at getting back into competitive warhammer i played alot of 6th and 7th edition experience and rode this list or a similar list to alot of wins in Sydney NSW (THIS IS A FULLY FORREST SPIRIT ARMY WITH A VERY DETAILED BACK STORY). but have now come back with no 8th edition...
  2. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Spell Weaver lvl-4 -beast weaver -talisman of preservation 50 glade guard -10 man units 10 Wardancers 6 Treekin 1 Great Eagle ---------------------------------- 1520 points
  3. Wood Elves
    Hi guys, pls help me out here... I sold off most of my WE army bout 2 years ago :( and decided it's time to get back into it a couple of weeks ago :) Yay! ______ What I have left: 2x 10 GG ... 16x old archer models, 2x old scout models shooting bow standing on one knee (used to use as...
1-3 of 3 Results