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  1. Wood Elves
    Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce Syl-Iriah, the Spirit of the Woods, from Raging Heroes. Syl-Iriah embodies the forces and magic powers of the forest and, with her unique silhouette, she does stand out on the battlefield... She comes in two versions and with accessories: -...
  2. Wood Elf Army Lists
    I'm starting to make out a 2250 Points list and need some advice. Have this setup in mind (just need the figures) Lords: Highborn Elven steed Wild rider kindred Armour of the fey Dawnspear Murder of spites =302 Heroes: Noble Alter kindred Light armour Shield Great Weapon Hail of doom Arrow...
  3. Hobby Forums
    Hi, i'm new to Wood Elves and need some new paint schemes. Can you post your pictures of your WE Glade guard, Dryads, or Glade riders and or a URL or something of that sort to a guide to painting a WE Glade guard, Dryad, or Glade Rider. Thanks.
  4. Wood Elves
    I need some strategies for Wood Elves. I am starting a new Wood elf army and only know the basics of how to lure them into the forest could you please post your strategies here?
  5. Wood Elf Army Lists
    I'm going to play my friend in a few weeks. He uses a lot of flame magic, don't know what units he'll field. My list the last time i played him: Noble Ligh Armour Great Weapon Shield Hail of Doom Arrow Helm of the Hunt Spellsinger lvl2 2x Dispel scrolls 10x Glade Guard w/Musician 10x Glade...
  6. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Hey guys I'm looking to create a highly competitive Wood Elves army. I've played High Elves for years and am looking for a change of pace/tactics/models. I'd greatly appreciate any help/comments... the only thing i wont change is Orion because I love the model. thanks in advance! LORDS AND...
  7. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Ok so. I'n very new to WE and made this list. Wondered what you think? I believe it's reasonable from the other lists I've seen... possible less Dryads is the only thing I might change.. So here it is:- Highborn - 568 Forest Dragon The Fimbulwinter Shard Hail of Doom arrow The DawnSpear...
  8. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Hey guys I just started woodelves today actually, and I sat down with my army book (incredibly well written imo) and plotted out a 2000 point list that I think would be quite fun to model/paint and play with as it seems quite competative. Lords and Heroes: Treeman Ancient A Cluster of Radiants...
1-8 of 8 Results