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  1. PC & Console Discussions
    Dose Halo combat evolved have multiplayer on xbox live? (not cp)
  2. PC & Console Discussions
    Ahhh. The great battle of our time. This isn't meant to be a flame thread. I'm just interested in what most people have.:qq:
  3. PC & Console Discussions
    After playing the first one several times i am know ready for part two. Preview trailer looks good and a whole new setting then the mall makes this look better then the first. Dead Rising trailer
  4. PC & Console Discussions
    Anyone downloaded this yet. I'm getting it in a few hours. Is it any good?
  5. General Announcement
    The Xbox live toplist is here. Just add your xbox live gamertag to your profile and you can get yourself in the list. Check it out here
1-5 of 5 Results