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Please do critise but remeber, the fact i havent played fantasy before. so go easy :beer:

And also remeber this is just a Draft i wont mind critism because i have had people before coming before and not wanting to shout and scream about it. if it really does stick out. tell me?


Master with hydra banner heavy armour sheild sea dragon cloak 200pts


RxB X 18 180pts


Gaurd x 14 ( greif and musician) 221pts

Cold Ones x 5 ( greif + 5 dread knights ) 385pts

Thank you for viewing. please comment .... AND CRITISE!

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Not a legal list: Not enough core units, no general, illegal knight unit, duplicate magic items. There isn't a single thing right with it. I think you need some time with the main rule book and your army book. I know I shouldn't do it, but since you are new, I will make a list for a starter force that is both decent, and easy to learn with.

1k starter DE list:

Master: Heavy armor, sea dragons cloak, pendant of khaeleth, soulrender ~ 138

10 Repeater crossbows ~ 100
20 warriors: Std, lordling, musician, war banner ~ 180

14 black guard: std, tower master, std of hag graef, crimson death on the champion ~ 270
5 Cold One knights: no upgrades ~ 135
1 war hydra ~ 175

Total ~ 998

This army has two solid flanking hammers, and 2 strong line units. Each with a 3 attack S6 guy in it. The shooting is just to knock off a rank bonus here and there, and to kill small support units.
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