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I'm playing in a 2v2 tournament this weekend. Here is the list I was thinking of running :\

Stormcast Army
Celestant on foot (100)
2 x 5 liberators (100)
1 x 3 prosecutors (100) - 2 hammers
2 x 5 retributors (440) - 2 with starsoul maces
Hammerstrike force (120) - allows me to not deploy retributors, then teleport 2 units of retributors within 6" of the prosecutors as their movement. They can even be within 3" of an enemy unit and can charge that turn.

Total: 960

As a side note my only other options for models are to use a lord venator instead of the celestant or use a lord relictor and swap a unit of liberators for judicators.

My teammate has:

khorne bloodbourn/ daemons army
2x bloodsecrator: 240
30x blood letters: 300
1x valkia: 120
1x mighty lord (general): 140
10x blood warriors w/ gore axes: 200


Combined total: 1,960

I'm not sure what he can swap, but if you have suggestions I'll ask.

Thanks for the feedback!
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