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Hi peeps,

I'm bringing a 1,200 point army to a friendly game. This is a game where we will play 2 vs 2 with an experienced guy and a newbie on each side. We agreed on no overpowered models ('gheist, steamtank, hell pit abomination) or sick magic items combinations and if we really must bring a mage lord, make it level 3.

My guys will be a lot of punching bags, so my newbie mate can do the killing.

Heroes: (283 pts)

Necromancer level 2 (general)
Vampiress level 2, forbidden lore (Beasts), armor of silvered steel, additional hand weapon, luckstone.

Core (324 pts)

43 zombies, banner
40 zombies, banner
20 zombies, banner. (Bunker)

Special (593)

6 crypt horrors, champion
20 grave guard, banner of the barrows, Senechal
1 base of spirit host

grand total 1,200 points.

Thing is, my mages will provide buffs to my units (Wildform, danse macabre, vigour) and keeping them up with the invocations. This makes my regiments quite resillient and their sheer size (125 inantry and 7 monstrous infantry bases) is meant to intimidate our opponents in spending a lot of resources taking care of it. The only thing in the army that can pack some punch is the 7*3 grave guard and the vampiress. A smart opponent will use a lot of resources on killing her, this is why she is protected by the grave guard and she is *not* my general. My general will be the necromancer spending the battle in his 20-zombie bunker behind friendly lines.

Any comments?

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