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Ok, so I have a campaign based tournament comming up at the beginning of April which will be twelve battles played out with four opposing forces (Space Marines - The Knights of Redemption, Eldar - The Tir-Nithel, Orks - Waaagh! Nazfang, and the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Moloch). These battles will be a combination of planetstrike, Cities of Death and open playing field type battles culmiating in a four way annihilation style battle at the conclusion of the Campaign.

All that is fine, but there is one stipulation, the force chosen at the start of the tournament cannot be changed in any way, regardless of the type of mission being played. Therefore, I am having to develop a Space Marine force from my own Chapter which can face 6 battles without any idea of what the mission type will be till minutes before deployment againt three very different foes (Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids)

So this is what I have come up with and would value all and any input on getting this list right.


Captain of the 3rd Company Helveticus Vetora: Armed with Combi-melta, Power Weapon & Artificer Armour - 140pts

Command Squad (5): Company Standard, Company Champion armed with Power Weapon & Combat Shield, Flamer & Meltagun in a Razorback - 200pts


5th Tactical Squad Gabriel (10: Sergeant armed with Boltgun & Power Fist, Squad armed with Flamer & Missile Launcher in a Rhino - 230pts

6th Tactical Squad Maxima (10: Sergeant armed with Bolt Pistol & Chainsword, Squad armed with Flamer & Missile Launcher - 170pts

Scout Squad Alpha (5): Sergeant Telion rules Character (Ezekiel Dante), Sqaud armed with Sniper Rifles & Missile Launcher - 135pts


2nd Sternguard Veteran Squad Tyler (5): Sergeant armed with Boltgun & Power Fist, Squad armed with Boltguns & Combi-melta in a Drop Pod - 190pts

Dreadnought Octavian: Armed with Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon & Heavy Flamer - 125pts


8th Assault Squad (Bike Squad) Baltus (5): Three Bikes & an Attack Bike with Heavy Bolter - 130pts

Land Speeder: Armed with a Multi-melta - 60pts


Predator: Armed with Sponson Lascannons - 120pts

So, the thinking/strategy behind this list is something like this (Dependent on what mission type comes up):
  • Captain and Command Squad in Razorback supported by Rhino enabled Tactical Squad form mechanised assault element (1st Combat Team - Mechanised)
  • Bikes, Land Speeder, and Predator form a cohesive rapid response force targeting key defensive positions, potentially held in reserve (2nd Combat Team - Interceptors)
  • Footslogging Tactical Squad supported by Dreadnought act as Objective holders (3rd Combat Team - Defenders)
  • Sternguard Veterans and potentially Scouts held in reserve and used to outflank/target enemy resistance or in the case of Scouts infiltrated from the start to aid in pinning key troops
Very basic, but in strategic terms simple is always best.

Any thoughts and feedback welcome, especially any knowledge of dealing with the opponents I am going to be facing.

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