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1.5k Armored bodycount

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Alright, I'm trying to get my friends together to play a game, and seeing as they all just bought SW codecs, I'll probably end up playing 40k. So... here's a quick list cobbling together what I have in my (useless) collection:

Chaplain w/ storm bolter
@ 103

10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon
10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon
10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon

6 Assault Marines
Razorback w/ TL assault cannon
5 Assault marines (+chappy)
Razorback w/ TL assault cannon

Landspeeder Squad w/ multi melta, multi melta
@ 120

Predator w/ TL lascannon, heavy bolters


total: 1496/1500
I also have at my disposal
-as many more Tactical marines as you can ask for
-6 missile launchers, 3 lascannons, 6 flamers
-15 Assault Marines with packs
-10 Assault Marines without packs (have to search for these)
-5 Vanguard Vets
-3 Dreads: 1aobr, 1 reg, 1 ironclad
-any command model you can ask for
-the ability to turn my 2 razors into Rhinos, the ability to swap my Vindicator to a Whirlwind
-5 terminators (assault OR regular)

The plan is going to be to just keep myself moving, and try to keep him at arm's-length long enough to shoot him a few times. The Assault Marines are there to help swing combats.
So, any list/tactic suggestions? Remember- I'm up against Space Wolves (ugh)
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Space Wolves could be very assault-oriented or very shooty if he spams Long Fangs. If he goes shooty, he'll probably out-shoot you. Just keep that in mind.

Also, you don't have very reliable AT. You need more meltas. Your land speeders can very easily be shot down after which, you really have nothing to deal with Land Raiders if he takes them. Plasma Cannons make for great TEQ-killing but horrible AT. I suggest to equip 2 of your tact squads with missile launcher + meltagun for greater flexibility.

Note that assault marines cannot take Razorbacks. And with 5-6-man squads with no power weapons, they won't provide much support in cc. My advice - shelve them and instead get the biggest advantage that marines have - assault terminators (if you have the models)

Finally, you want to consider a librarian over the chappy for your HQ. Space Wolves are psyker heavy. You need some psychic defense here.
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