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I actually sold most of my Blood Angels a while ago because I couldn't stand to look at their paint job, but I kept a few units for myself; chief among them, Lord Dante and his Honor Guard. The sight of six baroque, golden-armored Marines with Jump Packs just screams "Space Marine" to me.

In any event, I fielded them alongside a friend's borrowed Blood Angels against my own Necrons being played against me.

My list was thus:

- Lord Dante
- Honor Guard: Jump Packs, Sanguiniary Priest, Power Weapon, Chapter Banner

- Death Company (x6+0): Jump Packs
- Veteran Assault Squad (x7): Power Fist, Power Weapon

- Assault Squad (x5): Power Fist
- Tactical Squad (x5+5): Power Fist, Melta Gun, Drop Pod
- Tactical Squad (x5+5): Power Fist, Lascannon

Fast Attack
- Attack Bike: Multimelta
- Attack Bike: Multimelta

Heavy Support
- Devastator Squad (x5+5): 4 Missile Launchers

My opponent, playing Necrons, went pretty heavy on Troops, as he was using my own 1,750 list, which is pretty rock-hard, if I don't say so myself. His strategy centered around speed and forcing my smallish units to all act independently of one another. The nastiest units would be tied up with Scarabs. The Immortals and Destroyers would gradually pick me apart.
The Warriors were all covered by the effect of the Resurrection Orb.

My Strategy had each major assaulting unit supported by a smaller one. In this case, Dante and the Honor Guard were supported by an Attack Bike. The Veterans were supported by an Assault Bike. The Death Company was supported by the Assault Squad. The Devastators would be protected by the Lascannon-toting Combat Squad while the Powerfist Combat Squad moved to cut off any moves to claim Table Quarters on my side. The Tactical Squad in the Drop Pod would come in to support the fight wherever the battle appeared to be going against me. (With fifty-four Marines in my list, I could afford to keep ten of them off the table for a few turns.)

I received the first turn and, naturally, immediately jetted forward. I tried to maintain as wide a frontage as possible so that the Necrons' fast units would have a hard time getting behind me. Additionally, I wanted to make Dante as unavoidable as possible. The Missiles and the Lascannon shot were ineffective.

The Necrons, of course, scattered and began the hit-and-fade tactics for which they are so famous. The Scarabs moved to tie up the Death Company. The Destroyers and the Flying Circus got through my line and wrecked my Devastators.

The Veterans ended up chasing the Flying Circus around and getting picked at by Gauss Blaster fire.

Once Dante got into Combat, it was over. He and his Honor Guard positively TORE through everything they looked at. I'm used to playing slow Dwarfs, where having a huge unit of death is easy to avoid. Dante, however, is impossible to avoid. Plus, he's so fast that massed Gauss Flayer fire cannot be concentrated upon him long enough to have effect.

On turn three, the Drop Pod Squad came into play and they jumped into the main mass of Necron Warriors. They were close enough to the Chapter Banner and to Dante to get those buffs. Phase-out soon followed for the Necrons.

See folks? You can win at 40k with Blood Angels without Lemartes. :D

Had I fielded more vehicles, I think it might have gone differently, seeing as the Necrons are the premier anti-armor race in the game. I wanted to field a Furioso and/or a Baal Predator, but my friend had neither of those models and I prefer not to proxy if at all possible.

(Moreover, I have a complete fixation on the Death-From-Above aspect of the Space Marines, even the supposedly siege-oriented Imperial Fists.)
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