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Master with power weapon and storm bolter=95
8 Devastators with 4 missiles and tank hunter=224
Dreadnaught with armor=110
5 Marines with Plasma gun, Lascannon=100
5 Marines with Plasma gun, Lascannon=100
5 Marines with Plasma gun, Lascannon=100
Heavy support
8 Devastators with 4 heavy bolters=180
994 Points

For 1500 points add
Dreadnaught with Lascannon and armor=130
Predator annihilator with Heavy bolters and amour=135
3 Land speeder tornados =240

Will this list fare well aginst horde armys?
I play speed freaks alot so takeing out the stupid trucks is a big part. Also play aginst some mech tau and a kid who plays chaos and buys the bigest deamon prince he can.

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Its pretty good, but your tactical squads need more men in them, preferably 10 strong.

The predator is unfocused, either make it the destructor variant or give it lascannon sponsons.

I would include plasma cannons to be good against marines and hordes (maybe in the Heavy support devatators).
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