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[1000] Another Chaos Dwarf List

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This one is a bit different from the last one I did, focusing a bit more on the bigger, tougher troops of the Chaos Dwarf Army like the Warriors and Black Orcs. While it is, admittedly, a bit small, I should be able to use the Gobbos and Wolfboyz to hold off or deplete other units along with my Earthshaker.

Chaos Dwarf Hero
- Heavy Armour
- Shield
- Black Hammer of Hashut
Total: 111 points

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
- Extra Level
Total: 100 points

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
- Standard Bearer
- Musician
Total: 191 points

25 Hobgoblins
- Light Armour
- Shields
- Standard Bearer
- Musician
Total: 120 points

10 Hobgoblins
- Bows
- Wolves
- Light Armour
- Musician
Total: 160 points

15 Black Orcs
- Great Axes
- Standard Bearer
- Musician
Total: 198 points

Total: 110 points

Total: 990 points (What should I do with the last 10?)

What do you all think of this list? Too small? Too weak? Too broken? I'd really like to know before I start collecting.
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