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1000 dogs of war

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im thinking about starting a DOW army i will be using the empire battallion set and some other empire models heres the list id be using

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heres what ill be hoping to use:
empire battleforce,ill use the captain as my mercenay captain,cavalry as cav,millitia as deullists,cannon as itself and the soldiers as bodyguard
then ive got to search for a paymaster(hoping to get marcus columbo)
and a box of millitia as crossbow men and 2nd unit of deulist

let mme know what you think
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It seems ok... I think i'd reduce the heavy cavalry size though, either 6 men or 10 (5 or 9 allowing for the charector), this will free up points for maybe another unit of crossbowmen without much reduction in effectiveness for the knights.....
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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