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[1000] Marines (Cleanse & Purify)

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Am currently expanding my army. It now stands at 800pts but was thinking of using a list like this to get to 1000.

What do you think?

HQ: Reclusiarch+bp+fg+jp=107

ELITE: Dreadnought(ac & ccw)+extra armour+smoke=113


7xSpace Marines+plasmagun+meltagun=125

6xSpace marines+lascannon+plasmagun



9xAssault marines+vet serg+pf+plasmapistol=233

Landspeeder tornado=80


6xDevastator Squad+3xml's=150


The idea is to have a balanced army. I'm not sure about the scouts, the intention was they would infiltrate and support the assault squad, but how this would work in practice I don't know!
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If you use your scouts to thin the numbers of actual troops you are assaulting or using a scout assault force to double team an enemy unit it works fairly well, the scout assault squad will almost ALWAYS take heavy casualties however, unless you are vs. imp guard or something.

The only other thing I am noticing is a minor lack in mobility, I mean you have 2 units that can do over 6" per turn. ( am assuming you are going to attatch your reclusarch to your assault squad. ) the LST is great but fragile, so be sure to get its points value out of it at range. I would also consider some kind of transport for your devistators, just bing able to move them to a different field of fire is often worth its weight in gold.

Plan for your plan to get screwed up, an adaptive offense or defense is paramount and you want the flexibility to be able to modify your fields of fire and your battle lines at any time.

Think about what you may go up against, and tactics you have seen in the past.

my 2 cents anyways. good list though.
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I play something similar, so my experiences:

Chaplain really wants plasma pistol and termie honours,

Marine squads should be antitank (Las/plas) or anti infantry (Plasma cannon/plas) 5 is right number of marines.

You could even use scouts 4x bolter/sniper rifle + Missile launcher, which infiltrate into cover.

CC scouts are bad idea in this list, they infiltrate, move out and die in rapidfire or AP4 heavy weapon fire.

Buy another ML for devastators.
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I've got to agree with Urbanknight, the only point of contention in the list is the deployment. What you could do is free up some points from one of your tac squads and get atleast the dreadnaught a drop pod. That will really increase its survivablity. You can drop it in, get shots off with the AC and then hopefully charge the next turn. Also if you position it right, you could cut-off a smaller section of the enemy and have the drop pod be a nice little wall defending your dread.

You could also get a pod for your tac squads, but I'm a little pod happy, its your choice.

Other than the foot-slogging, I really like the list. Its a good blend, and if you can drop that dread and sweep in with the assault troops, having the landspeeder run interference. You could definitely get the upper hand quickly in most battles.

Good List & Good Hunting.
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It is my belief that the strength of the SM army lies in the basic marine. He does everything well. Good WS, BS, toughness, str, and save. Given the points you are talking about, the more marines, the better. So if I were you I'd drop the scouts, add 1 more assault marine, then either fill up your tac squads or add 2 more marines & 1 missile launcher to your dev squad.
your army doesn't need scouts....cut them out and maybe get a dreadnought or some extra marines for the tacticals.
Id ditch the dread and scouts, save the dread for 1500, the scouts have no busness in space marines armies at the moment. Your much better off with veterans.

Your HQ needs terminator honours.

Dont give him a PP.
Really ur Chaplain is crying for his termie honours. but don't give him a PP at 1000pts, those pts should be used for another marine.
And then ur tac squad should NOT mix plasma guns and meltaguns. 2xplasma guns are much better for their shooting (meltaguns have 12" range, if u get close enough to shoot, ur gonna get assaulted next turn and that squad is gonna die).
And yes, scouts do kinda suck, i'd drop them for another tac squad.
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