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My friend is collecting Chaos. I put together this list to take him on. Your help is appreciated!

HQ: Lord. Warscythe, Veil of Darkness, Lightning field, gaze of flame. 210 pts

Elite: 10 immortals: 240 pts
10 Flayed ones: 180

Troops: 2 squads of 10 warriors: 360

Total: 990

I plan on joining lord with immortal squad and using veil of darkness to teleport next to his Chaos lord and shooting to prevent him from using his bloodthirster. I will move the rest of my force forward as fast as I can to get into shooting range for my troops. He has a defiler with long range firepower. (8str pie plate weapon!)

Let me know what you think.

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Your list is almost there, here are a bit of comments.

Drop the VoD and possibly lightning field and grab and orb and mybe either chrometon or destroyer body.

I also MIGHT suggest you drop the flayed ones for 4 destroyers if you can muster the pts. Flayed ones are good in CC but I personally think Chaos is better. If you take 4 detroyers you have 12 Str. 6 shots at a relatively decent range each turn.

For the most part though you should be fine. The big thing about chaos is that you have to know wheter your looking at a CC style army or a shooty one because they are very different when it comes to battling.

Hope I helped :D
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