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A nice quiet night to make things go boom

James's Tyranid

HQ - Flyrant w/ 2 scything talons and warp blast

Elite - 3 "shooty" warriors w/ barbed strangler and 2 w/ death spitters

Troops - 12 'stealers with scything talons and extended carapace
8 'Stealers with Scuttling and extended carpace
8 termas with flesh borers and WoN

HS - Carnifex w/ 2 scything talons
Zoanthrope, w/warpblast and synapse

Jesse's CSM

HQ - Deamon prince w/ wings, MoT warptime and Bolt of change

Elites - Dread with twin linked Auto cannon and DCCW w/ heavy flamer

10 Berserkers w/ Skull champ w/ Power Phist (rhino)
7 Plague Marines W/ Plague champion and Power Phist , 2 Flamers
7 Noise Marines 6 sonic blasters and 1 blastmaster

James rolled Capture and control, Jesse rolled dawn of war. James won the roll for first choice deployment, Jesse Declined to Steal the initiative.

pictures are attached at the bottom of deployment and first two player turns, after that the action does not move very much. and what happens should be apparent from the picture at the end of the second turn

Tyranid first turn

"shooty" warriors move in and provide synapse to the borer guants

Borer guants move up a few inches

Stealers run toward plague marines roll a 2 for fleet

Carnifex and Zoanthrope move onto table

Warriors and Gaunts line of fire is blocked by the hill, zoanthrope has no line of fire thru ruins, Flyrants can not see the plague marines

Chaos first turn

Noise marines move up alongside their objective, looking to support Plague marines if nessecary.

Plague Marines move into cover

Dread moves onto table in position to shoot Carnifex, runs 5 inches, dawn of war does not allow him to see the carnifex to fire

Deamon prince hangs back to stay out of Dreads firing arcs

Berserkers surge forward in their rhino and pop smoke.

Plague marines let loose with 2 flamers causing 13 hits, and bolters for an additional 5 hits. 12 wounds, 7 saves. stay in cover

noise marines can not see anything thru dawn of war

Berserkers are in rhino with smoke

DP can not see anything or is obscured.

Tyranid turn 2
warriors move up in preparation to charge the plague marines, Flyrants jumps over ruins to charge other side of ruins

"shooty" warriors decide to assualt rhino

carnifex slogs slowly up the field, zoanthrope maintains position on objective.

Scuttling Stealers roll reserves and come in on james's left, the only good target james see is the Dread, so he charge's it

Flyrant shoots at the plague marines with his Warp Blast and rolls a 12, takes one wound.

Genestealers and Flyrant charge into plague marines, using cover PM's kill 2 Stealers
Take 4 wounds total from stealers and HT, 3 feel no pain rolls, 1 more stealer falls to power phist.

Warriors charge rhino Get one rending hit for a 12, roll a 6 for vehicle damage resulting explosion kills 5 gaunts, wounds one warrior, kills three berserkers

Scuttling stealers charge Dread, 2 glancing hits and 2 penetrating, 1 weapon destroyed, 2 stunned and a shaken. dread kills one stealer

Chaos turn 2

Noise marines move into structure, no line of sight

berserkers shoot pistols at warriors and charge into warriors and terms

DP flys over to charge Flyrant

Berserkers kill all warriors and 3-4 gaunts, the rest of the gaunts fail their leadership test and flee off the board, berserkers consolidate behind ruins

Plague marines kill a genestealer. lose one to hive tyrant, hive tyrant suffers another wound from DP, 2 more stealers die. one dies due to no retreat rule.

Scuttling Stealers cause another penetrating hit on Dread, causing shaken, lose another stealers

Tyranid turn 3

Won Gaunts come out and take up position around the Zoanthrope

Carnifex decides to head to his objective to support the Zoanthrope with the berserkers.

remaining stealers and hive tyrant are wiped out leaving 4 plague marines and DP.

Scuttling stealers get 2 penetrating and 2 glancing on dread, 3 stunned and an immobilized, lose 2 stealers leaving 4 in combat with dread. plague marines and Deamon prince consolidate towards tyranid objective

chaos turn 4
Blastmaster moves in ruins and fires 2 shots which fail to wound carnifex

berserkers shoot at guants and charge into guants and zoaranthrope, lose 1 more berserkers, kill zoanthrope and sweeping advance thru gaunts

plague marines annoy the carnifex but do not actually hurt it with the flamers and boltguns

Daemon prince attempts to bolt of change carnifex, rolls a 12 and fails his save, taking a wound from perils of the warp

dread kills 2 stealers, scuttlers lose last 2 stealers to 'no retreat rule'

Tyranid turn 5
sensing defeat decides to charge his carnifex into berserkers, kills 3 and dies to 2 CCw wounds and 2 powerfist wounds

post action report

when we reviewed the fight we decided that james's largest mistake was charging the rhino, if he had played around with it would have forced my berserkers to chase him around while he shot at them, probably moving them into the firing arc of the zoanthrope. he would have gotten 1-2 rounds of shooty at my berserkers while they chased him around, possibly more if the zoa had killed my transport.

also he decided that next time his Fex will be shooty, it did not get involved till after he lost.

if his reserve roll had allowed him to come in on other side of table he could have seriously contended my control point.

Plague marines are very tough to kill and only genestealers want to be in close combat with berserkers


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