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1000 point DE friendly

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Shadow Field (1000 pt list), Agonizer, splinter pistol, Combat Drugs
5 Incubi, Plasma grenades, 2 blasters
Raider 296

Talos 100

10 Warriors, 2 Dark Lances 100
10 Warriors, 2 Dark Lances 100

9 Wyches, 1 Succubus w/ agonizer
Plasma grenades, Wych weapons
Raider 246

3 Jetbike
2 blasters
Succubus, agonizer 131
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Good list, but I would substitute one unit of warriors' lances for cannons. Also to save points drop the incubi and substitute them for a raider squad and more whiches. Good luck.
I like your list, it looks like you made it for the smurfs. Just remember that one pistol shot can take a 3rd of your points out.

Now, there is no need for the agonizer on reaver succ. For the same points you can have a power weapon and a tormentor helm. This is like having a punisher since you get the +1 strength on the reaver and an extra attack with the tormentor helm. With the agonizer, you are wasting the strength bonus away and spending more points AND dont get the extra attack (unless you want to pay another 5 points for the tormentor helm).

Would like to hear how the list performs, let us know!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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