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Acting XO of Tanith 1st
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Warrior Priest
extra hammer
Holy Relic

Full Plate, pistol
Ring of Volans (usually fire or metal spells)

Battle Wizard
level 2
Wizard's Staff
(usually light spells)

Halberdiers x25
Full Command
Detatchment: 9 Free Company: 45 pts
Detachment: 6 crossbowmen: 48 pts

10 Handgunners
Standard, Marksmen

Outriders x6
Champion: Hochland Long Rifle

Pistoliers x5
Outrider, musician

Great Cannon

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It's a good list. Nothing much needs changing but if it was me, I'd probably drop the Captain and both the Marksman and Standard Bearer for the Handgunners leaving enough points for ten Flagellants. That's just me, the list is fine how it is.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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