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1000 point list

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I'm new to this site and fantisy.

This is my first attempt at a fantsy list:

155-Noble-Mounted on cold one-heavy amor-sea dragon cloak-Enchanted sheild-talismen of protecton-Sword of might-lance


165-12 warriorswith sheilds and lordling with crismson death

100-10warriors with sheilds

130-10 warriors with Repeater cross bows

130-10 warrioras with repeter cross bows


145-5coldone knights

200-2 repeter bolt throwers

I play Tau in 40K so this list has more shooting than it probably should.

What do pepole useally see in battle such as Empire-orks-choas and what types of units?

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Well, for a start you have posted this thread in the wrong place unfortunately, you should have posted this thread in the "Dark Elf Army Lists" section, but seeing as you are new to this site I am sure that is understandable. Before I give you advice on the list, you should look follow these links, as the Dark Elf army book has been updated and there are also magic items they can use which are not in the army book, so happy reading :yes:

Well, for your noble, I wouldn't bother giving him the Talisman of Protection, it isn't really worth it in my opinion. Also, you have given him the Sword of Might (which is a magic weapon) and a lance. The problem with that is, the lance would be a waste of points, as characters always favour magic weapons over normal (or mundane) weapons. Therefore, your noble would always use the Sword of Might, never the lance. As for the Sorceress, you could either give here the Darkstar Cloak (so you would have 5 power dice) so she would have a half decent chance of getting a spell off, or you could take 2 lvl 2 sorceresses if you want a good chance of getting spells through. For magic items for a sorceress I would recommend the Darkstar Cloak (and extra power dice for 20pts is very nice), the Tome of Furion and the Wand of Kharaidon (basically, it casts automatically, that's what bound spells do, and they will be a certain power as described in their profile, and that is the power they are assumed to be for dispelling purposes. For you though, it is an extra spell you don't have to use power dice for. VERY helpful!). You could also just take 1 sorceress at lvl 1 to act as a scroll caddy (a sorceress or mage that is taken simply to carry either 1 or 2 dispel scrolls so you can stop powerful spells getting through). It is up to you...

Now on to the core units....well, for a start you cannot give magic items to unit champions unfortunately :( . They only have whatever they come equipped with. As for the unit sizes of your warrior units, unless they are intended for flanking (in which case I would not recommend Spearmen for the job) they should be in units of 15+. I would recommend 16 in this case, so you can arrange them in a 4x4 formation so you can the full 3+ rank bonus (remember you do not count the front rank for this purpose. Also, remember that in combat. you calculate rank bonuses at the start of the combat, not the end.). They will also have a decent chance of outnumbering their opponents in combat, which means another +1 to your CR (combat resolution). I think you would also be better off giving your spearmen units full command (a champion, a standard bearer and a musician) as this will improve their chances of winning combat.

As for your Warriors with Repeater Crossbows, I think 10 is a good size, just remember to arrange them in 1 rank of 10 so they get the most shots (they woulc have 20 shots if you fire Multiple shots with them (just remember that shooting multiple shots give them a -1 modifier to hit...). You could also give them a Musician so that if they flee from a charge they will have a decent chance of rallying, but it isn't necessary as you have Dark Riders...

I would recommend having Dark Riders in units of 5, that way it is harder for the enemy to kill them, but much more importantly, they will be much more manouverable. I would definately give them Repeater Crossbows and a Musician, as they are mainly used as harrassment troops, and the Musician alows them to rally easier for when they flee (they are good at fleeing from the enemies charges as they can normally outrun troops, and this sets up charges for your other units...). They can then also encircle the enemy with their superior speed shooting at them and march blocking (within 8" of the enemy a unit cannot march....except skirmishers). Also, remember that Fast Cavalry (like Dark Riders) have 360 degree line of sight for the purposes of shooting. It comes in handy. (Just so you know, the reason I am bringing up lots of rules points is because you say you are new to fantasy, and a lot of the points I am bringing up are things that took me ages to find out, so I am just saving you the trouble :yes: ). So, I say 2 units of 5 Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows and a Musician would be optimum.

I assume the noble is with the unit of 5 Cold One Knights (good unit size), in which case I would give them a Standard Bearer and a War Banner if you can (see common magic items). Although it is not necessary in in games this small, but a Standard Bearer would be helpful.

As for your choice of 2 RBTs....Good! It may be overkill at this points cost, you could survive with just the one, and spend the other 100pts on making units larger (the Warrior units with spears) or taking some shades or harpies for march-blocking/mage hunting/war machine hunting. Up to you.

Other than the main things I mentioned, I like the list, I think it can potentially be pretty powerful in the right hands (although thinking about it, you may not need a second unit of Warriors with Repeater Crossbows, especially if you decide to take 2 RBTs). In my 2000pts list I have 2 RBTs and 1 unit of 10 RXB warriors, and it is enough for me...but then again, that is just me! :w00t:

Well, I hope all that was of some use (phew) and good luck with your list and eventual army! (Also, this list will probably be moved by a moderator to the "Dark Elves Army Lists" section, just so you know :shifty: ).

End of Transmission - Over and Out.
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Indeed it shall be moved, in future post lists in the army list subforums of whatever the army is.

~Moved from DE to DE Army Lists
you do realise that list is WAY more than 1000 points right??....
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If you like shooting then the dark elves can be lots of fun. In that respect i would suggest having 3-4 units of 10 warriors with X-bows and shields. Don't bother with command as they just arn't worth it for shooting units (with the possible exception of scouts and dark riders).

Also your sorceress should come with a darkstar cloak and seal of ghrond standard. this will give her an extra power and dispell dice and will turn her into a nasty little piece of work in 1000 points.

If your going to have cold one knights they need command and a war banner, then use them for flanking or frontal charges on infantry units.

Again, as was earlier said, don't bother with any of the magical stuff you have given your noble. if you want a noble that is guaranteed to hit hard then give him a lance, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, standard shield and stick him on a dark pegasus.(one of my armies has three of these little guys). Then give him as his only magic item the heart stone of darkness for a 4+ ward. (you will have to read the cult of slaanesh list for this item).

In one thousand points 10 dark riders is going to be a pain to manouvre. I would suggest 5 at max. this way, with a herald and musician, you have a nice little shooty unit with a BS 5 guy in there and that rallies on a 9+ (musician).

Despite the fact that it says they are fast cavalry in their entry list most people just can't get this bit right. Dark riders are wasted in open combat. use them instead for harrying, shooting, chasing down enemy wizards (though stay away from tzeentch ones) and running from charges.

Those changes should give you a pretty solid little base of troops, and, they should be fun to use as, like the tau, they have very limited combat ability (except noble and cold one knights) and a large amount of firepower (everything else). To finish up add in 1-2 RBT. these things are great. with either 6 str 4 armour peircing shots each or a single str 6 no armour save allowed rank piercing shot they are the railguns of the dark elves.

Hope this helps,

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