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1000 Point Slaanesh Competative

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I have decided to come up with a new list, as i realsied my old one was cool, but not exactly original, and you could see the main threats if you looked at the army list.

I feel this list is rather competative (which is good - I have a reputation to reclaim after my rather...disasterous... IG attempts).

I am going with the Lust and Martial Pride themes behind this EC army. Please tell me what you think of this list:

Daemon Prince: Mark of Slaanesh, Dread Axe, Close Combat Weapon, Frag Grenades, Spiky Bits, Personal Icon, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Strength & Daemonic Stature.

Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion w/ Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol & Daemonic Strength. 5 Chaos Marines w/ 3 Bolt Pistols & CCWs, 2 Doom Sirens, Bolt Pistols & CCWs, Mark of Slaanesh & Infiltrate.

Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion w/ Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol & Daemonic Strength. 5 Chaos Marines w/ 3 Bolt Pistols & CCWs, 2 Doom Sirens, Bolt Pistols & CCWs, Mark of Slaanesh & Infiltrate.

Daemon Pack: 6 Daemonettes.

Daemon Pack: 6 Daemonettes.

Fast Attack
Chaos Space Marine Bikers: Aspiring Champion w/ Lightning Claw, Auspex & Bike Mounted Sonic Blaster. 5 Bikers w/ 2 Bike Mounted Meltaguns, 3 Bike Mounted Sonic Blasters & Mark of Slaanesh. There is an Icon here.


Well, thats my list.

The DP LOOKS relatively tame on paper: 3+ save with a 5+ inv save, S6 with 6 attacks on the charge with one reroll to hit. However, when he charghes... he ignores both normal saves and invunerable saves & wounds any T4 or less model on a 2+. This should kill enemy HQs with ease, and just eat its way through squads. Oh, and not to mention the maximum "to wound" of 4+... hehehe that Wraithlord is dead. Oh, and 2D6 Armour Pen + Strength against that SM Dread...

I have REAL prblems with Ulthwe Eldar players, so this bad boy is there to just munch on the Seer Council and Wraithlords. If the Wraith is on the wrong side of the Board to the Prince, then the Bikers can deal with it.

The Troop infiltrate and charge the largest enemy threats, if they are power Armoured, holding the enemy up for as long as possible. If it is a Horde army (Ie Orks) then i will use the Doom Sirens to batter them. The Prince and Bikers start on the board. The aim of the Bikers is to harass the flanks, and open up with their guns, before going in with the Pain Claw. The Meltas should take care of enemy Tanks / Dreads.

The real nastiness is that the stuff on the table looks bad enough. Then, as the Prince hits your lines, or as the Bikes sweep up the Flank, the Deamonettes come in. They tag-up with the Prince for real mayhem. If the Prince is somehow dead, then they go to the Bikers instead.

I will be playing LOADS of MEQs, Eldar & Orks.

Oh, quick question: Can more than one unit of Daemons use a Personal Icon / Icon in one turn?

So, what do you rekon then, powerful or pittiful?

Ps, this does NOT mean that I won't be working on my Sallies or Sisters, but they will be put on a mild backburner for a bit , though I will always go back to my Pyro armies. I just want something that plays rather differently to a Close-Range-Rapid-Fire Army that I am used to. and i didn't really want a Horde army like my Guardsmen (aslo on a backburner). Ok, ok, I suffer from Shiney Model Syndrome...bite me . biggrin.gif
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It seems fragile, even by Slannesh standards. I'm betting Eldar could blast it away to nothing in 3 turns or so if they have any measure of firepower. The Deamon Prince is easy to shoot and a juicy target with only a 5+ invulnerable and t5. My advice it get rid of the Deamonic Stature. Its cumbersome and easy to kill.

Also the fact that it only has 31 models and not much shooting power doesn't look good considering there's Orks. Though Emperor's Children are skilled, but skill wont help them against hordes of Orks in close combat, even with Deamonettes backing them up.
The point is, the enemy wont HAVE 3 turns of shooting. THe infiltrating squads hold up the enemy, the Bikes can shoot, then assault.

With the enemy locked in assautl, I can't BE shot. If / When my troops are broken, I then have the DP and Daemonettes charging in. No shooting at my army. Hopefuly.

Anyhow, what do you rekon I should change to make it less fragile then?
I though you can't have daemonic speed with daemonic stature? I see above you have both on your DP?
According to my codex you can...cannot see any reason why not.

I can't have Speed wirh a Bezerker Galaive, is that what you are thinking of?
No it says stature cannot be used in conjunction with movement stuff? Am I misinterpreting it or something...nothing to do with the B-Glaive, I'm focusing on stature and movement modes....
The only limits are:

"The model may not ride a steed or be transported in a vehicle"

I have given my guy sPeed - perfectly legal.
wow, yea you're right...damn I feel dumb :yes:
Againts heavy shooty armies such as guard or Tau either you'll get into CC and slaughter them, or get shoot up so bad in the first two turns that when you reach CC you won't have enough to carry the day.

What tactics do you plan to use against armies that don't shoot? Say Khorn, Orcs, or Nids? They will love the extra points you are spending on getting close to them, and if you infiltrate far away, you have nothing to shoot them with as they close. Noise marines don't stand up point for point in CC vs Zerkers, Genestealers, or Chopa boys.
Xrix1 is correct about your problems with getting into c.c. At the 1000 point mark, you simply do not have enough troops to withstand a Tau or Space Marine shooty army. A few things to consider:

Prince: He has too many upgrades, and consequently, the rest of your army is suffering, due to a lack of point investment. Drop the dread axe in favor of combat drugs. While the dread axe will help against inv saves, very few models have them; and those that do usually have a 5+ inv save. Basically, you're investing 25 points in order to prevent a save that will only work a third of the time.
Things to drop...things to add: Drop mutation. Combat drugs it literally a savior for a Slaanesh h.q. Remember, in a 1000 point build (I'm going to be saying this alot), you don't need a complete killing machine; you just need something that can handle its own in c.c. and withstand the counter-assault. You don't have to tear through an entire squad in one round. In fact, sometimes this can be a bad thing. Drop spiky bits- point saver. Your prince will be absolutely fine without it. You can get away with dropping daemonic strength (if you take combat drugs). Take daemonic resilience instead. Your prince desperately needs a 6 toughness, which should help him get into c.c., and just as importantly, will make regular 4S models wound on a 6 (rather than a 5).
With these suggestions, you'll save around 30 points.

Noise Marines: These pups look pretty good.
Drop the plasma pistol on the a.c. It's not worth the 10 points, and you cannot afford to loose the a.c. to a 'gets hot' roll. Remember, 1000 points means less tooled units.
Consider dropping the doom sirens. They are decent, but honestly, there are better bangs for the buck out there.
Add a master blaster. This weapon has good utility. It will allow you to tank pop or simply fire, while you are making your way to c.c.
If you're facing alot of vehicles, then you can also add a melta gun to the squad in replacement of the master blaster. Some people will run the blaster and the melta gun, which works ok.
For 20 points per squad, a blaster and a melta gun are better choices than 2x doom sirens. The only exception is against bugs, in which case the doom sirens are rather effective.

Daemoettes: Nice

Bikes: It's very possible to make a competitive 1000 point build with bikers, but you really need everything else to come together, simply because of the bike's point sink. The best thing about bikes in a 1000 point build is that most people don't expect to see them. However, I've lost entire 6 man squads of bikes to a shoot army (even after turbo-boosting). At any rate, onto the unit: Your basic bikes look great. Your a.c. needs a little work. A lightning claw is not a good choice for an a.c. biker. You would be better off (much better) taking a power weapon and daemonic strength. Just remember, if you're facing dreads, make sure your bikes stay away. It's a shame to loose the entire squad to a dread, simply because you don't have a power fist.
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Good points.

I will drop some of that gear on the Prince though. I am still kinda keen on th Dread Axe. THere are 2 Ulthwe players at my club - so thats a lot of re-rolled 4+ Inv. saves.

However, I am re thinking parts of the list, particularly the bikers - although I ahve some rather nifty onversions of Daemonettes riding Biies that I would like to use - or should I drop them in the 1000 point list for more troops- possibly a Blastmaster Havoc squad?
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If the Eldar are giving you trouble bikes are the way to go, they are tough to beat with Eldar even with their good firepower and mobility. Just make sure to use them wisely, and don't get them in over their head.

The thing is that I have fought Eldar alot recently during the Dark Crusade, and even with infiltrate, it only takes 1 round of shooting for them to make huge numbers of casualties to any power armoured army, let alone one like Emperor's Children which can be so few in number. Only 1 round of shooting is the ideal circumstance, assuming that their is terrain to set up behind, and the enemy sets up close by as well. Their will never be a first turn charge, and if the enemy spreads out their setup, you can get caught in the open after killing a unit.

As xrix said, this army will be hard to pull off against experienced players with shooting lists, or lists that out cc you. Orks and Genestealers will be extremely tough, and you'll have to rely on the shooting power of your bikes to weaken them before the charge.

I would tone down the deamon prince immensely, making him a troop killer, not a raging beast. As boyd said, he doesn't have to be able to kill entire squads on his own, just be able to provide a steady rate of death to the enemy. A dreadaxe and deamon strength would do fine with some combat drugs. With no stature, he wouldn't be shootable, and he would be more compact and easy to move around. Also, he could clear kill zones before the enemy gets to strike back, seeing as a smaller base means less models in base to base.

With the extra points, you could buy more troops, prefferably some decent shooting to balance the heavy cc, so that you can alter your strategy against cc armies to a counter attack or refused flank strategy.
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