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A new battle report from me, with just as many diagrams as usual, but now closer to scale for added realism! Oooh aaah. A simple 1000 point game with my semi-standard Beasts of Chaos list against my friend's Dark Elves. The only thing that really changes in my lists at this point level, is I might exchange maxed armor Chaos Ogres with Minotaurs with great weapons. Both units are good and quite versatile (though they require different tactics), but dark elves have lots of weak attacks so I chose the armored ogres.

We played on a standard 1000 point board 4'x4'. We generated terrain randomly and ended up with 3 pieces. I am usually okay with not using any but he wanted to, so we did. The terrain was a large rock wall and some ruins.

Beastmen vs. Dark Elves
My troops: 2 units of 20 man herds with bray shaman, 2 units of 10 man herds, 2 units of 5 warhounds, 4 Chaos Ogres with heavy armor and shield, Tuskgor Chariot.
His troops: BSB riding in chariot, 5 dark riders, 5 dark riders and noble, 15 spearmen, 10 witch elves, 10 crossbowmen.

I have obvious numbers advantage. I used my standard deployment, the two large herds in the middle so they can either run up or split into two sections with skirmish movement, hard hitters adjacent, and the warhounds and small herds on the sides. The hero in the chariot threw me a little. I made sure I placed my warhounds against his dark rider 1 for 1 to shut them down.

Round 1.1
He won the roll for first turn but opted to go second for his shooting and taking quarters, maybe some other reason, either way I like going first. I moved up all my heard so they are a couple inches behind the terrain pieces for safety. I lagged my right side up a little so the chariot can keep up, they will be put in position turn 2 if nothing crazy happens. I put my warhounds on the left side in charge range of the dark riders but probably too far away for the slower cold one chariot. Ogres are behind them to act as a backstop, when the warhounds flee the dark riders will still have enough distance to hit them with enemy in the way. It is a ballsy choice, but I have two herds able to flank even if the ogres panic, and oxen stands to save them with. I roll poorly in the magic phase and he dispells everything else but bears anger on my left herds shaman.

Round 1.2
His Dark Riders charge, the warhounds flee as a charge reaction and the Ogres hold. The Dirk Riders overrun into the ogres. His chariot moves into position to charge the ogres next round. He moves his Witch Elves and Spearmen forward just far enough away for me to second guess if I can charge them or not. His other Dark Riders move slightly, they stay out of warhound charge range, but will be able to charge me next turn. He has no magic, repeater crossbowman fire at my warhounds, but they are long range so only a few hit, and he only kills 1 warhound. The Dark riders do a wound to my ogres, they do a few back and win combat. They chase down the riders (crazy rolling) and smack into his BSB on chariot, I had hopped to just be closer to the chariot and charge on my turn but this was even better.

Round 2.1
No charges for me except those Ogres from last round. My warhounds miraculously rally on their own. My Big herds inch forward making sure that any charges against them would hit the wall first (difficult terrain). The little heard on the left marches forwards maximum distance, the one on the right jumps into the ruins. My right warhounds move max distance into the face of his dark riders and then tilted slightly so there is no enemy in the way when he overruns. Slightly better in the magic phase this turn, the shaman on the right was able to get off crow's feast and kills two crossbowmen. The other one keeps bear's anger as there is nothing to rally. The Ogres and Chariot duke it out but a whole lot of nothing happens. I do a single wound, but it ends up being a tie with CR.

Round 2.2
The options are few for his dark riders and noble as they have nowhere to move. He charges, I flee as a reaction and he catches me running into my obvious trap. To be fair, it was pretty much his only option, he was in a corner and my warhounds would have just pushed him around the board if he tried to ignore them this round and move away. His other units remain in place. The crossbowmen shoot at the chariot but fail to wound. I lose combat with the chariot. That BSB just won't give up (and a T5 chariot helps) but neither do my ogres, they stay.

Round 3.1

I charge his Drak Riders and Noble with a small herd and the chariot. My other small herd charges the flank of the chariot. My remaining warhounds move up. The left large beast herd moves full distance right by his witch elves to their side in between them and the chariot. The herd is out of the witch elves line of sight. The other herd stays where it is for what I expect to happen next. I shoot crow's feast at his crossbowmen again but he uses his dispell dice and it doesn't go off. Bear's anger on my right herd's shaman now. Combat with the chariot is a draw, man that is taking a while. My chariot and my flanking herd make the dark rider unit explode, all that is left is the noble. She flees and my guys chase her down.

Round 3.2
There are no units he can charge. His witch elves turn to face my large herd, just what I was hoping for. The crossbowmen shoot at the chariot but it isn't too badly damaged. Draw again with the BSB Chariot, but I'd like to think that I was wearing him down mentally or something.

Round 4.1
I charge the witch elves in the flank with my large herd on the right, he fell for the trap of turning his units. My other large herd charges into the chariot BSB. My chariot and small herd charge the crossbowmen. No magic this round. The chariot and BSB both go down in this round. All the crossbowmen die in a horrible mess as I get 7 impact hits. The witch elves easily fall to the large herd on their flank as I get rid of the kill zone and they have nothing to attack back with. They don't care about being flanked, but I have killed a few of the witches and the break and I declare chase. He just pulls them off the board and concedes.

Final board Position Bottom of Round 4

It was a massacre for the Beasts of Chaos. To be fair this was my friends first time playing against a beast army ever as I normally use one of my other armies against him, and 1000 points might be a bit small for Dark Elves. Nothing seemed overtly bad about his list, it just came down to experience (and the terrain too). I have played against his dark elves more than a few times, he has never played against my beasts.

Lesson Learned: T5 on that chariot is annoying. Tuskgor Chariots and Bear's Anger is really the only thing I have that can reliably take down T5 if I don't take Minotaurs.

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Have you ever lost with beasts? I feel there are ways to beat your lists but the people you play don't know them. They fall for your traps and never make good strategic moves. I really want to play against your style and see what happens.

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Great battle report!

I would love to pit my slayers against your cows, it would be an awesome game me thinks. I have had some awesome tussles with herds using my ginger guys and I usually come out on top.

I agree that 1000pts for DEs is a wee bit small and maybe the tables would have been turned if they had a few more points to play with, as well as a bit more experience too.

Keep up the good work with the battle reports.

ps I may play a game using my slayers against your list and I will let you know how it goes

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