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Up against space dwarves with space wolves rules need speedy reply ASAP

Hive tyrant*

Lash whip and bone sword
Heavy venom
Old adversary*
Acid blood
Leech essence
Armoured shell

Warriors *3
Toxin sacs
Scything talons

Termagant *11

Flesh borers

Termagants *15


Hormagaunts. 16

Toxin sacs*
Adrenal glands

Trygon prime


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You have no anti tank, never mix and match range and CC weapons on a monstrous creature (NEVER EVER EVER mix. ALWAYS take pure CC or pure range. Its such a waste otherwise. Also dont take HVC's, they suck) and termaguants on their own are just awful.

Armoured shell isnt any good on tyrants, tyrant guard are vastly superior but cost the same.

3 warriors isnt great. Ideally they want rending and 4-5 of them.

Hormaguants dont need AG and toxins.

Lose the devourer guants, get 3 Hive guard. Lose the basic guants and warriors and get 20 toxin sac hormaguants. Sort out the tyrant and you should be okay.
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