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On behalf of my Brother....


I was wondering what advice people would give about my potential new Eldar list? I want to go with a Harlequin theme, and to be extremely mobile.

Autatch w/ Warp Jump Generator, 2x Death Spinners
Points: 100

Fast Attack:
8 Warp Spiders
Points: 176

5 Harlequins with 4 Harlequin Kisses, plus Troupe Leader with Harlequin Kiss
7 Striking Scorpions, with 1 Striking Scorpion Exarch (chainsabers, shadowstrike)
Points: 144 (Harlequins) + 165 (Scorpions) = 305

Heavy Support:
Falcon with Holofield, Spiritstones, 2 Shuriken Cannons and Pulse Laser
Points: 175

5x Rangers with Pathfinder upgrade
5x Rangers with Pathfinder upgrade
Points: 240

Total points: 1000

So the Harlequins will ride in the Falcon, and assist the infiltrated Striking Scorpions in assaulting anything and everything. The Pathfinders will sit around in cover as much as possible and take out enemy elites (terminators, etc.) while the Warp Spiders and exarch are to mob up large-ish troop concentrations and light vehicles. Dealing with heavy tanks may be a problem, although the Harlequins do have rending attacks.

Is the Pathfinder upgrade worth it?
Do you think Howling Banshees would be better in this list?

Any and all comments and criticisms welcomed

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The HQ is poor. he doesn't even have a power weapon. He cost 100 points to get 4 shots but the spiders cost 176 to get 16 shots! Can you even take 2 spinners? Get a fusion gun for tank hunting and a power weapon just in case combat is needed. I would considder dropping him for a farseer with doom or guide.

Spiders need an exarch with extra spinner (powerblades if you can afford it) and withdraw. Drop a man uif you have to for points but it will greatly increase the tactical effectivness of the unit.

Harlequins can get away with dropping the troop master for an extra man or for points elsewhere.

Scorpions look ok but the claw is better for the exarch.

Falcon. Good and relativley cheap for a falcon with all the needed kit.

Pathfinders. The upgrade is definatly worth it. well put it another way I think they are even more useless without it. I don't like even pathfinders in small lists especially not 2 units. They don't kill enough in the time available. One unit in larger games is fine to add flexibility but relying on them as your basic troop choice in smaller lists I think is a mistake. 20 Dire avengers without upgrades cost the same and would be more effective. You would have to cut a unit (probably the harlequins) if you wanted to get tooled up dire avengers with blade storm exarchs etc.

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Me personally....

I'd change ur Autarch so much that he turns into a Farseer with Guide if you catch my drift....

Take out the Pathfinders. I'm a huge fan of them , don't get me wrong, but only in games of 3000 points or over. Swap them for a Unit of Dire Avengers with exarch n bladestorm in a wave serpent, and get a minimum unit of jetbikes to get ur troops choices. This way you are keeping with the mobile theme.

Take out the scorpions to make up for the points for the units above, spend any left over on some Reapers for the Farseer to guide.

Drop a couple of spiders to make points for Exarch with powerbaldes and withdraw like Mad Cat said.

So yeah, I think I pretty much changed everything.... Oh, no, the Falcon is fine :p
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