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young blood tournament im doing here is my list-

ork warboss
cybork body
-100 pts

30 slugga boyz-180 pts
30 slugga boyz-180 pts
30 slugga boyz-180 pts

10 nobs
big choppas
waaagh! banner
-295 pts
trukk for nobs and warboss
red paint job
wrecking ball
armor plates
reinforced ram
-65 pts

army total=1000 pts
any concers? question, tactic advice? thanks!

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Less nobs, especially if they are with the warboss. You are lacking in support choices. You have a lot of boyz, that can't do a dang thing till they get within 12 inches of something. Consider swapping an entire group into shoota's, or two groups.

Depending on the boards in question, also consider making 3 groups of 20 shoota's, and 1 group of 30 slugga's, (or vice versa), so there are more things to shoot at, and you can split your fire more effectively.

A single trukk full of nobs? That thing will be obliterated by massive amounts of fire on turn 1.

I'd take a few minutes and decide what you want your list to do exactly. Right now its a foot slogging list, with no cover wall, and a single trukk. You could change up the list to be full foot slogger, with maybe a line of grotz and a kff big mek providing cover saves for the mobs. (5+ for grotz, 4+ for boyz from the grotz). You could split it all up into trukks, and run a trukk list...or you could drop some boyz and cut the nobz down, and run a kan wall.
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