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Orks vs. Kroot Mercenaries

1000 pts, Seek and Destroy, Omega (one note, we forgot all about Concealment and Dusk and Dawn).

Big Mek w/SAG
Loota x9
Loota x9
Kommando x4, 1 w/burna, and a Nob w/PK
29x Shootas, 3 w/Big Shootas, Nob w/PK+Boss Pole
11 Sluggas and a Nob w/PK+ Boss Pole in a Trukk
11 Sluggas and a Nob w/PK+ Boss Pole in a Trukk

Kroot (bear with me, im unfamiliar with the Kroot)
9 Sniper Kroot and a Shaper
18 Kroot w/Shaper+PW
18 Kroot w/Shaper+PW
10 Winged Kroot (Vultures, I believe), Shaper w/eviscerator
Large mob of Kroot with 8-10 Kroot Hounds, Shaper w/Eviscerator
All of these Kroot also had an upgrade to give them Ld 9.

Terrain was a very foresty board (the Kroot squawked with delight!) with many small forest terrains dotting the field. Two ruined buildings were near the center on the Eastern and Western edges. A few Size 2 rock formations were in each deployment zone.

Ork Deployment:
Both Trukks started in reserve. The 30 strong mob depolyed behind a large chunk of cover in the middle of the board. One group of Lootas hung out in a forest in the very SW corner, the other on top of some of the Size 2 Rocks, also close to the SW corner. The Sag joined them up top.

Kroot Deployment:
The Winged Kroot started in reserve. The Snipers deployed in the NE corner forest. The rest infiltrated.

The first group of Kroot deployed between the board edge and the ruined building on the Eastern side.
The Kommandos deployed behind some area terrain near the Kroot deployment zone on the Western side.
The second group of Kroot deployed on the other side of the terrain from the Kommandos, in the open, near the western side.
The final large group of Kroot with the Hounds deployed in the center up north.

Kroot win first turn.

Turn 1a. Kroot.
Movement: The Eastern group filed into the building with a great difficult terrain roll. The center group with the hounds moved up the center. The Western group moved away from the Kommandos, toward the center, following the Hound group. The HQ moves up the center.
Shooting: The Hound group fleets closer to the center, heading somewhat toward the Lootas corner. The Snipers fire at the Lootas by the SAG and kill 3. They pass their pinning test.
Assault: None.

Turn 1b. Ork.
Movement: The Mob of Shootas move NW, coming into range of the big Kroot group with the hounds. The Kommandos move south toward the center building on the Western side.
Shooting: The wounded Lootas (get 2 shots each) and the entire shoota mob (except the 3 big shootas, which I forgot to fire) open up on the hound group, ripping it to pieces. 3 Kroot, the Shaper w/Eviscerator, and 4 hounds survive. They pass leadership. The other group of Lootas and the SAG fire at the Western Kroot pack. The SAG rolls a four and scatters a small blast template on top of another Kroot hound from the other group, killing it. The Lootas (firing 1 shot each) kill 2.

Turn 2a. Kroot.
Movement: The Eastern Pack holes up in the building further, getting all the models in and near the building edge. The Hound pack advances toward the Shoota Boyz. The Western Pack holds their position.
Shooting: The Western pack, center group, the HQ and Snipers all fire at the Shootas. All said and done, about 9 boyz die, pass the pinning test.
Assault: The Hound pack assaults the Shootas. Boyz barely win combat, Kroot pass leadership, pile in.

Turn 2b. Ork.
Movement: One Trukk comes in from reserves, drives 12 inches, drops the Boyz off in front of the Eastern building. The Kommandos keep moving south toward the Lootas.
Shooting:The SAG and both groups of Lootas fire at the Western Pack. The group of 9 gets 3 shots each, the group of 5 one shot each. The SAG scatters away with an 8str shot, but the Lootas whittle the pack down to one Kroot and a Shaper w/PW.
Assault: The center battle continues, the Kroot HQ dies, but the Shaper and two hounds survive. Several boyz bite the dust. Kroot lose combat, pass leadership. The Trukk Boyz assault into the building, win combat, and pile into the building.

Turn 3a. Kroot.
Movement: Still no Vultures. The two Kroot left on the Western flank move toward the center melee.
Shooting: The Snipers pluck off another Loota from the rocks, they pass their pinning test.
Assault: The Boyz finally finish off the Kroot in the center, 11 Boyz and the Nob remain. They massacre 5 inches north. In the Eastern Building, both sides take huge casualties. Kroot lose, but pass leadership.

Turn 3b. Ork.
Movement: The other Trukk arrives, and Turbo Boosts up the Eastern flank, hiding behind the building from the Snipers. The Kommandos continue to chill in the building. One finds an old keg of ooman 'beer'. The Shoota mob continues to move North. The Trukk moves to fire at the Snipers.
Shooting: The Westernmost Lootas each get one shot at the pair of Kroot, and kill one, leaving the Shaper. The Big Shootas from the mob and the trukk fire at the snipers, and kill 1. The Small group of Lootas and the SAG fire at the snipers, who make all their cover saves.
Assault: In the Eastern building, combat winds down to the Shaper w/PW vs the Nob and a boy, but the orks had lost combat, and flee.

Turn 4a. Kroot.
Movement: The Vultures arrive, and fly in from the north center, landing near the Shoota mob. The Shaper passes his last man standing and sneaks behind the Shoota mob. The Eastern Shaper passes his last man standing and moves toward the trukk.
Shooting: The Eastern shaper fires and hits, but cant glance the trukk. The Snipers try to shoot the lootas but fail target priority. The Vultures and Snipers and last Shaper fire at the Shoota mob, killing 5 and pinning them.
Assault: The Eastern Shaper charges the trukk, but cant hit it.

Turn 4b. Ork.
Movement: The trukk moves 12 inches towards the snipers and dumps the boyz out. The Kommandos start pounding some drinks.
Shooting: The Trukk Boyz Waaagh closer to the Snipers. The Big Shootas from both Trukks and the Western Lootas (who roll for 3 shots each) fire at the vultures. The Lootas can only see three, and kill them. The Big Shootas dont kill any. They pass Leadership. The SAG and small Loota group (who also gets three shots) fire at the Snipers. The SAG kills 2, and the Lootas rip 7 of the snipers down, leaving one.
Assault: The Trukk Boyz cannot reach the lone sniper.

Turn 5a. Kroot.
Movement: The Vultures fly over to meet the Trukk Boyz and land in the forest in front of them. The Shaper in the East fails his Last Man standing and begins to fall back. The Center Shaper closes on the Shoota boyz, passing his last man standing. The Sniper also passes his last man standing.
Shooting: The Sniper and vultures fire at the Trukk boyz, killing 4. Boyz pass leadership. The lone shaper fires his pistol but cant wound the shootas. The falling back shaper plucks his pistol, hits, glances, and destroys the big shoota off the trukk.
Assault: The Lone Shaper charges the shootas, kills 2, but dies as a result.

Turn 5b. Orks.
Movement: The Kommandos are getting downright obnoxious by now. The Shootas advance toward the Sniper.
Shooting: The Trukk boyz do nothing with their pistols to the vultures. Next, the SAG, the Shoota mob (four shootas and 2 big shootas), the trukk, and the small loota group (who get one shot) all fire at the single sniper. He makes every single cover save. I call him foul things.
Assault: The Trukk boyz assault the vultures. The Vultures kill 3, but then the Boyz kill 7, wiping the vultures out. The Trukk boyz massacre and the nob is able to lock the Sniper in combat. Lets see him get out of this!

Turn 6a. Kroot.
Movement: The Falling back shaper continues to fall back.
Shooting: The shaper shoots at the trukk, hits, but cannot glance.
Assault: The Sniper fails to wound. The remaining boyz all miss or cannot wound. The Nob finally manages to rip the Sniper apart.

Turn 6b. Ork.
Movment: None.
Shooting: The trukk fires the big shoota at the Shaper, killing him.
Assault: None.

Game over. Kroot have no models left. Ork victory!

Reflections: This was a great game. In 1000 pts we had about 150 models on the table. We both knew going in it was going to be a bloodbath, but the difference ended up being in sheer orky firepower. A few good Loota rolls and the huge Shoota squad were just devastating to the 6+ kroot save. My opponent did say that he has no idea why he moved his big hound pack into range of the shootas early, as that was his strongest unit, and probably the turning point. The Assault combats were fairly furious, and just reaffirmed that the orks need to get the charge. As impressed as I was with my Shoota boyz, im still not giving up the Sluggas, especially in trukks. With their crappy initiative, those extra attacks make all the difference in making sure the boyz dont lose combat and forced to take their crappy leadership tests. Major Kudos to my opponent for bringing old school Kroot, which I had never seen and knew nothing about. He did a great job of explaining everything they could do and were doing, and looked great.
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