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This is an army i made for a conflict event. I would like some advice, it would be appreciated!


Chaos Lord (90) 160
Terminator Armour 30
Mark of Slaanesh 5
Personal Icon 5
Combiweapon 5
Blissgiver 25

he is mainly there to quickly get into combat and slice up the enemy before they can shoot at him which is the main reason why he usually dies


Chaos Space Marines (15 ea) 175
x10 150
Plasma Gun 15
Heavy Bolter 10

Noise Marines (20 ea) 280
x8 160
Noise Champion 15 These Noise marines are here to go in the rhino and assault with their I 5, which is why i have given them sonic blasters and the power sword.
Power Sword 10
Doom Siren 15
Meltabombs 5
7x Sonic Blasters 35
Blastmaster 40

Fast Attack

Chaos Spawn 40

Chaos Spawn 40

Heavy Support

Chaos Havocs (15 ea) 165 My army doesnt have much anti tank stuff so these guys are that.
x5 75
Lascannon 35
Missile Launcher 20
Autocannon 20
Heavy Bolter 15

Oblitrator Cult 75 This guy is there to make use of the personal icon of my lord and to help him, so hes not the only taarget in the game.
x1 75

That Leaves me with 65 points to spend which would go to a rhino with probably daemonic possesion (55) and something else.......

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Remove those individual points values pronto.

HQ: Teleport on your own and you will die. Walk on your own and you will probably be ignored until around turn 4-5. Swap this guy for a winged lord or a daemon prince (with lash) or keep him as is and get him some terminators for a bodyguard.

CSMs: Prefer to see 2 plasma/melta and a rhino and a powerfist champion. They currently will sit at the back contributing 3 HB shots unless you make your army a shooty army and encourage the enemy to come to you.

Noise marines: Don't waste points on sonics if you are travelling in a rhino as they only shoot once then spend the rest of the game in combat. Take either of these setups but don't waste points trying to achieve both.
  • 8-10 in rhino with BOLTERS. Inc Champ with power weapon and doomsiren.
  • 6-10 on foot with plenty of sonic blasters and meybe a blastmaster. No champion.
The first unit gets stuck into combat with the fantastic doomsiren leading the way. The second unit advances to 22" range and fires assault 2 sonics. Subsequent turns you can move forewards/backwards to maintain that range and fire assault 2 weapons again or stay put an fire heavy 3 sonics and a blastmaster template.

Spawn: Sadly, they suck for the points. Ditch them.

Havocs: OK but make the weapons more homogenous. 3-4 MLs are good for AT with the odd (expensive) lascannon thrown in. Also throw in 2-3 more men for meatshields.

Obliterator: good. I would probably get 1 more, in a seperate unit of course.

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As mad cat said, don't show individual points values.

I pretty much agree with him on the revisions.

The chaos lord is too slow to get into combat, and if he teleports he'll basically die really fast. A winged sorceror or prince would serve you well for getting up in the enemy's face really quickly.

The CSM squad is a bit expensive for what is does. Loyalists are better at sitting in the back and shooting with heavy weapons. Chaos excels at midrange and close combat. Take off the heavy weapon, give em a rhino and maybe a power weapon/fist.

At very least the noise marines should drop the blastmaster. As a rule of thumb don't have a doom siren and a blastmaster in the same squad. It's a point sink, and one of them will go to waste. Yeah and probably lose the sonics too.

For a tournament army, lose the spawn completely.

On havoks, at the very least take weapons that have the same purpose and range. E.g. missile launchers and lascannons are okay to mix, but lascannons and heavy bolters are a nono.

Personally, I'd just get rid of the havoks and use the points on obliterators. They're really versatile.
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