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Captain,lance,fp armour, barded horse, dragon bow

battle wizard,level2, barded horse, dispel biting blade

20 swordsmen, full command, 8spearmen detachment,shields

15 handgunners, marksmen repeater handgun

8 white wolves, full command innercircle


total 977

thx for any comments on it

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This list looks pretty sound, but I think theres a few tweaks that can be made..

The White wolf unit sounds pretty excessive when there's two characters.
I would:
Drop 1 Knight
Put the wizard on foot in the swordsmen
Downgrade the detachment to militia, and take 10. (The only purpose of these is to charge the enemy in the flank and negate their ranks, not kill anything)

Take the handgunners down to 10 and make them a detachment. This means they can stand and shoot for the swordsmen.

I don't know how much you spend there, but I'm sure you could buy something cool.

Of course, If models and money, time etc are a factor then this list should do just fine. As i said these are just fine tweaking.

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I agree with everything the above poster said.

Further more I would downgrade the Battle Wizard to level 1 and take off all the magic stuff he have on him, in a 1000 pts game a level 2 Wizard won't do much and you equiped him like he will be in the front row fighting (something he does really bad). Put him in the back with a dispel scroll just in case your enemy bring magic to hurt you but that's it.

Also I would put the captain on foot and put him with the swordsmen, his leadership is needed there.

1 captain on foot; Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield, Full Plate Armor
1 wizard on foot; 1 Dispel Scroll
20 Swordsmen with full command
1 detachment of 10 FC; 1 detachment of 10 Handgunners
8 White Wolfes Knights
1 Cannon

That's 798 pts for 53 models.

With the remaining 200 pts here's what I would do:

1) Drop 2 White Wolves Knights, get 5 Pistoliers (I love those) and 6 Knightly Orders (with no command, just nilla Knights) so your army will become highly mobile (63 models for 998 points).


2) Drop 2 White Wolves Knights and keep only 6 of them so you can take another 20 swordsmen with a detachment of 10 FC and bump up your first swordsmen regiment up to 25 men (87 models for 998 points).

The first one give you more cavalry, the second one gives you more infantry. Of course you can replace the second regiment by Spearmen, they would do the job too, but I tend to prefer Swordsmen over them.

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What i found lacking in this army was solid infantry units you may have had the swordsmen but is that really gonna be able to fight a fully ranked unit of chaos warriors?

The answer is no, the'll be completly slaughtered and will probably serve only to speed the enemy unit up.

the answer to that is to drop some knights in order to get a small unit of halberdiers, or your second option would be to simply take away some knights for a unit of huntsmen simply to slow down your opponents march (while shooting them of course) other then that i dont think theres anymore to be said about this list.
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