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(2) Big Mek – 200 Pts
-2 Shokk Attack Gun
-2 Heavy Armor

10 Lootas – 150 Pts

(2) 20 Boys – 280 Pts
- 2 Nobs w/Big Choppa Bosspoles
30 Boys –200 Pts
- Nob w/ Big Choppa and Bosspole

Heavy Support
3 Killa Kanz – 135 Pts
- 3 Grotzookas
2 Kannons – 40 Pts

Alright, so it's a tournament in about a week or so and I haven't played anything competitive, and Im one for one with my wins. So I lose half the time :p, but it's all for the fun, right?....

Alright, so I'm thinking the Kanz and Boys run together, Kanz first.

Then everything else is ranged and gonna pour tons of fire.

My opponents, and possibly more: Space Marines, Nids, Eldar, Deathwing(?), Tau


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Change your Big Mek to a KFF/Burna.
I would drop the second Mek, but its up to you.

Lootas are good.

Run Power Klaws on your Nobz, and try to have them in squads of 30, or else put them in Trukks.

Heavy supports arent really considered compeditive for Orks, with the exception of the battlewagon, but again its up to you.

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I think you should drop the kannons, get a warboss with a power klaw, attack squig and shoota scorcha ('Eavy armor and cybork if you want), make one mek Kff (with burna) and maybe drop the kans for boyz or grotz. And of course, Pks for the nobz
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