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Tomb prince
-Light amour
-collar of shapesh 131

Liche Priest 115

24 skeleton warriors (goes with tomb prince)
-shields, light amour 216

19 skeleton warriors 152 (goes with liche priest)

tomb scorpion 85

3 ushati 195

ssc 110

Total 1004 pts

right so thats what i got at the moment
plz can someone tell me what to change

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2 Large Skellie units arent needed yet, put your points somewhere more useful and interesting.
The Hiero shouldnt be sat in a Skellie unit. Give him the Cloak of Dunes.
Drop the HW/S skellies and have the Prince sit with the 19 Bows. Make your second Core a Swarm, to help out the Scorp with ICFB.
Upgrade the SSC.
Definitely look at a Second Priest, or 3 Chariots, or 3 Carrion.
Ushabti really hurt your points in small games, but they can be pretty good keep them for now.
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