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Canoness, cloak of St A, blessed weapon, frags, litanies of faith, inferno pistol, jump pack
10 Sob, frags, flamer, heavy flamer, Imagifier, VSS with plasma pistol, rhino, extra armour, smoke
10 Sob, frags, flamer, heavy flamer, Imagifier, VSS with brazier, rhino, extra armour, smoke
10 Sob, frags, flamer, heavy flamer, Imagifier, VSS with brazier, rhino, extra armour, smoke
Exorcist, extra armour

Death Guard:
Chaos lord, MON, plague sword, bolt pistol, frags, nugles rot demonic str, toughness, aura and some others
CSM squad: 6 plague marines, AC, 2xplama guns, plague sword
CSM squad: 6 plague marines, AC, 2xplama guns, plague sword
7 plague bearers
7 plague bearers
Havoc squad, 6 plague marines, AC, 4xplama guns,
(may be a little off)

Board is roughly 4x6 with a ruined factory dominating the middle, woods to the south and hills crested by a wall to the north.
I got the northern end, deployed all 3 rhinos at the southern base of the hill in the east, the exorcist and Canoness went safely behind the factory
He put his defier in the middle of the south in a fire brake in the woods with clear views either side (including one of my rhinos), he had one squad in the west in the woods and the other squad, accompanied by the lord and the havocs in the east woods

Turn 1: Nurgle
He moves squad in the west towards the factory. Moves the squads in the east towards my rhinos, the havoc fluff the difficult terrain test and don’t clear the woods
Shooting: the squad in the west is out of range, the havocs too lack the range, the squad with the lord go for a rhino with the plasma gun, one hit, glances, shaken. The defiler tries to add its fire to the rhinos misery but doesn’t land spot on and the ensuing reduction in strength means the hit fails to get past the armour and icons protecting it

Turn 1 : SoB
The exorcist rolls forwards, drawing a bead on the defiler through the ruined factory. The canoness fires her jump pack and leaps into the factory.
All three rhinos zoom forwards (cleverly having seen his last shot at me I move 10 inches, that puts me about 13 inches from his lead squad, damn but I am cunning) and pop smoke
Shooting: the exorcist powers up its organ and pop, one missile, thankfully it takes the battle cannon off the defiler.

Turn 2 : Nurgle
One of the plague bearer squads appears next to the lords squad.
Movement, the Nurgle squad in the west continues its trek towards the factory. The defiler walks forwards towards the advancing rhinos, the two squads in the east now advance, the havocs clearing the wood, supported by the plague bearers, on the pall of smoke obscuring the rhinos
Shooting: the defiler tries its look with the auto cannon and takes the storm bolter off one of the rhinos, the havoc squad opens up with 4 plasma and shakes a second rhino whilst one overheats (save made), the lords squad, now 7 inches away rapid fires the third rhino, both plasma guns over heat, fails one save.

Turn 2 : SoB, the exorcist repositions its self to take a shot at the upcoming nurgle squad in the west from a hull down position. The Canoness moves to a position where she can charge the lord. The rhino which has lost its storm bolter zooms past the lords squad and plague bearers and skids sidways to a stop in front of the havocs, the squad leaps out the opposite site, using the rhino as cover from the havocs and sights their flamers and bolters on the plague bearers. The other 2 rhinos zoom up and drop their squads either side of the lords squad.
Shooting: The exorcist takes out 4 of the western Death guard squad. The foremost sister squad puts 2 flamer and a heavy flamer template on the plague bearers, killing 5, the rest are mopped up by the bolter fire.
The other 2 sister squads both use divine guidance and lay into the lords squads, the first squad puts down 2 with flamers and third with the plasma pistol, rapid fire bolters take out another two. Second squad opens up, flamer and heavy flamer kill off the remaining marines, the brazier fails to hurt the lord, but then seven more rapid firing bolters put 2 wounds on him thanks to divine guidance. The canoness aims and pop – kills him with the inferno pistol – so much for her charge!

Turn 3 : Nurgle
To be fair, things don’t look good for him right now, he has one and a half squads left and a damaged defiler, all he has managed is to take out a storm bolter off a rhino!
Reserves: last squad of plague bearers arrive with the havoc squad.
The defiler moves to draw a bead on the side armour of the exorcist with its autocannons. The last 3 Death guard in the west move up to the ruined factory. The havocs move around the side of the rhino and the plague bearers move round the other side.
Shooting: The defiler manages to take out the exorcists weapon.
Assault – the plague bearers pile into the nearest squad, the havoc squad charge another squad. Plague bearers take down a couple of sisters, in return one plague bearer is dropped, the havocs also kill 2 sisters and lose one in return. Both sisters squads stand

Turn 3 : SoB The exorcist hot foots it out the back of the factory, not that it is much use now. The Canoness leaps round the corner to charge the defiler. The last sisters squad lines up to join the fight with the death guard.
Shooting: the canoness, being less than 3 inches away, blows the defiler away with her inferno pistol (I wish she would stop doing that). The fight between 18 sisters and the havoc squad starts to swing in my favour, with two sisters again going down, but some use of faith resulted in 7 wounds to the havocs, 2 of which failed their save. I won moral high ground, but those guys are not going anywhere. The plague bearers manage to kill a single sister, the sisters take out 2 plague bearers in return, they start to become unstable (2 more plague bearers disappear)

Turn 4 : Nurgle:
Movement: the 3 remaining death guard edging round the factory move up to “get� the canoness. Otherwise – no moves.
Shooting, single shots from the plasma guns in the squad aiming at the canoness have no effect.
Assault: the Aspiring Champion and his 2 cronies charge the canoness. A quick roll later and thanks to passion for the emperor, she is hitting first, dropping both Death guard and leaving the AC. The battle with the havocs rages on, with 4 havocs managing to take down only a single sister, whilst the sisters managed to drop a single havoc, he wins moral high ground but I stay cos I like the scenery!. The last 2 plague bearers prove singularly ineffective, but then the sisters only manage to kill one, the last one decides he is far more stable than his buddies.

Turn 4 : SoB
Movement: with everything except the exorcist and rhinos engaged in combat, I am feeling quite immobile, but for giggles I back the rhinos off the firefights in case some judicious bolter fire is required.
Shooting: what? Nothing to shoot, heresy for a sisters army, I will be having words with myself later!
Assault: the Canoness bops the AC into oblivion and consolidates back towards the raging melee in the east.
The last 3 havocs continue to hack away, but after armour saves, kill nothing, the sisters in front of them manage to take out 2 more thanks to the dice gods, leaving the AC on his own looking distinctly uncomfortable with 16 sisters trying to jump him, shame he isn’t Slanesh really!
The last plague bearer is battered into submission by the sisters squad surrounding him, they consolidate to form a firing line in the off chance that the AC manages to beat up 16 sisters

Turn 5 : Nurgle
Movement: Are you kidding? He has one AC left with 16 sisters all trying to get into base to base! Give him his credit, he wanted to play out the heroic last stand!
Shooting: as per movement
Assault: here we go – he manages to do a wound but I save it, I manage to do 2 wounds but he saves them

Turn 5 : SoB
He capitulates, basically we could have been rolling dice forever but the result was always going to be death for him.

All he got left is his AC from his havoc squad, I lost about 7 or so sisters (all squads still over half strength), and the weapons off a rhino and the exorcist,

Lessons: for me, not much, I did enjoy the free range canoness, but at times she was horribly exposed, maintaining the inv save burned faith, otherwise plague swords would have been her downfall.
For him: if you want to beat massed sisters, you need to at least tie with them for numbers, also if the sisters come pre-packaged in rhinos you got huge problems around bolter fire
He nearly got into an unassailable position when the exorcist lost its weapon, the canoness was the only thing left in my army with any hope against the defiler, maybe I have to think about this in future

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good rep as always.

nice list although i'm not a big fan of the imagifier i know theres alotta people out their that swear by em but..... and a plasma pistol on a vss? thats pretty dicy if she dies ya lose some valuable faith.

his list wasn't a bad one either although a pred might've been a better choice than a difiler in thispoint bracket.

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Those are some pretty nurglish necrons there...maybe someone should change the title?

Nice report though, I personally am a fan of Imagifers, though I can see the argument against them. Good on you for taking those Braziers.

The defiler i thinkw as a good choice this particular game as the sisters are power armored and horded.

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no they are power armoured and mounted biiggg diference

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Sounds like both lists were equal but you had the luck and he didn't. If he had been able to do more to the Rhinos with all that plasma (come ON!)than it mighta been closer. Good game though, I like seeing Nurgle lose (T5 grumble).

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marines on a whole *grumble grumble*

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OK so I screwed the title!

Plague mate, you struggle with marines? admitedly flamers are a bit outgunned but with DG they catch up!

I would rather face marines than Chaod Marines, T5 or chain axes are a pain in the derrier, as is fearlessness. I regularly face the following:

Space wolves
Death Gaurd
Night lords
Blood angels
Beil Tann Eldar
Ultra Marines

And the easiest to take are the marines (although Eldar swings backwards and forwards)
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