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[1000][Raven guard]

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hello, this is my first list since third edition so go easy :yes:


HQ Reclusiarch 120pts
Crozius Arcanum
Bolt Pistol
Terminator Honours
Jump Pack

Elites Venerable Dreadnought 140 pts
Assault Cannon
Extra Armour
Furious Charge

Troops Tactical Squad (6) 105pts

Tactical Squad (6) 105pts

Scout Squad (6) 113pts
5 Sniper Rifles
1 Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack Assault Squad (7) 216pts
2 Plasma Pistols

Vet, Sergeant
Power Fist

Heavy Support Devastator Squad (8.) 200pts
4 Missle Launchers
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Not bad it looks very assualty so'd suggest maybe going all out and adding another jump squad instead of missiles, give 'em melta bombs and the'll do the job, or maybe add some bikes, with multa's or even landspeeders, to keep in them with the whole speed idea

I have a friend who plays a bllod claws army like that 2 troops lassies, 1 pred and a whole lotta jump packs, it kick major ass

Raven guard can do the same no probs even better there special character ( i forget the name ) is awsome espiacially with some of his elite crew with him:p
yes i agree with the add more assault marines. the good thing about ravin guard is that they can actually have up to 6 assault marine squads. although that does use up a lot of points. use ur advantage of those assault marines and use meltabombs. i hav destroyed many vehicles with the meltabombs

Shrike i believe is the special character you are talking about. he is very good especially with his mastercrafted, rending lightning claws. not only that his wing also have lightning claws and they can infiltrate. the infiltrating part is good because it saves you from deep striking, which means you dont run the risk of losing a 175pt model and his 255pt (minimum) squad
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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